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Dog and Dog will be attracted to each other because they both want to save the world. They are not guaranteed a happy life, but they will get through it. Life may get boring or full of tension if they let it. They need to keep their communication channels open instead of being silent. They need to stop themselves from being too critical of their partner. This can seriously damage their relationship.

Chinese Dog and Dog will have a great time together as long as they donโ€™t sink into pessimism. If they get down in the dumps, one will drag the other down with them. If they can maintain a feeling of optimism they will be more successful. Dogs tend to develop lifelong relationships. They are trustworthy and honest. Neither is likely to be unfaithful. They are naturals at giving each other appreciation and affection. They may have a large family and be wonderful parents.

Dog Man and Dog Woman Compatibility

Two dogs in love together have the makings for either a fantastic relationship, or an utter disaster. They may end up spending a good portion of their time trying not to offend one another. The Dog is a loyal, but skittish Chinese astrology sign that is easily excited. They tend not to participate in idle banter. Everything for them is a debate about deeply held beliefs and they are quite passionate about these beliefs.

The dog-dog compatibility can be fantastic in such a way that they quite simply are incapable of being with anyone else. However, upon discovering that their partner has equally high standards, the two may well be able to let their hair down and get comfortable with each other.

Mutual trust and comfort will be key to the success of the friendship between two dogs lasting more than a few days or weeks. While this will inevitably be a part of any relationship in which Dogs are lovers, it will likely only be a small part.

The dog man and dog woman are far more likely to spend their time together discovering new ways in which to get each other in trouble. Adventure abounds when these two with such high energy and curiosity team up. Many Dogs, while seeing themselves as trustworthy, feel a constant, irrational fear that no one else can be trusted. They can also feel an incredible loyalty and trust toward one another.

However, the male dog and female dog soulmates must either constantly forgive one another for base transgressions or agree on almost everything. The high strung and high energy Dogs may manage to keep from stepping on one anotherโ€™s feelings and toes by constantly remaining in motion.

Dog Man and Dog Woman Love

Dogs are great lovers of predictability and stability. As a result, a Dog does not do so well in a relationship full of drama and doubt. A reliable partner that provides love unconditionally is perfect for a Dog, and two Dogs will understand each other well in this regard. One thing to watch out for is boredom. A reliable routine is best for a Dog, but two Dogs may find themselves stuck in a romantic rut due to their constant search for stability.

In the rare situation that a Dog finds himself getting restless, it is important to communicate to his Dog partner clearly that he needs a small change. Remember that your Dog partner craves stability as much as you do, and a sudden change without warning will cause turmoil in your relationship. All changes need to be discussed beforehand so that Dogs are ready to deal with them.

Dogs are likely to be "old souls" who realize as they get older that it is alright to kick back and enjoy life once in awhile. As a result, younger Dogs may not get along with their same age peers of other signs; choosing stability and security over reckless partying and living paycheque to paycheque.

Another Dog is an ideal partner at this time, as fellow Dogs are likely to understand those conservative impulses. As Dogs age, they are more able to throw caution to the wind - but it still only happens every once in a long while. When all factors are considered, Dogs are very compatible with other Dogs, and are likely to form stable, long-term relationships.

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