Dog Man Dragon Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Dragon woman, they don’t have much in common at all. She needs flattery and admiration, but he won’t have a clue about how to fulfill this need for her. He won’t hesitate to point out her faults, which will cause a spectacular reaction from her.

Chinese Dog and Dragon are not very compatible. These two are opposites in almost every way. Their physical relationship can be very intense, but the rest of their relationship will not be easy. They find it difficult to get along in just about any type of relationship. Dragon is active and likes to flirt. Dog wants a relationship with someone they can trust implicitly. While both signs are trustworthy and loyal, they get caught up in all the negative possibilities and can’t see the truth.

Dog Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac compatibility between the dog and dragon signs is going to be tough. They have problems understanding each other. Can the Dog and dragon soulmates figure out a way to come to a compromise? Will they be able to figure out a way to understand each other well enough to be happy? Can these two find a way to stay in a long lasting relationship?

The dog is very accommodating. They will typically get along with just about anyone. The dragon will tend to be fiery and feel and display emotions as soon as they feel them. The two Chinese zodiac signs of the dog and dragon have such different natures that when they are in a relationship, they might just spend the whole time having one disagreement after another.

In a dog and dragon relationship, both will have to work really hard to see where the other is coming from. Both these Chinese astrology signs tend to be very opposite, which might mean these two will fight quite a bit with no love compatibility.

When the dog is dating the dragon, they might be attracted to each other passionately, at least in the beginning. Their differences will come into play at some point though and will most likely cause some problems between the dog dragon friendship.

The dog man can find their partner’s bluntness disconcerting. They are the kinds who speak freely but they are more interested in trying to keep things peaceful. They are attuned to emotions being out of balance. Because of this they will spend some time alone trying to keep their emotional state in check.

The dragon woman could get tired of the dog’s mood swings. They value their freedom. They might think the male or female dog is trying to use their emotions to manipulate. This is not what the dog is doing. Rather they will be somewhat temperamental and will have issues when it comes to trusting others easily. They will require devotion and understanding.

Dog Man and Dragon Woman Love

There is much to admire in the Dragon; natural leadership, intelligence, and determination, among many other qualities, but the way a Dragon orders her romantic life is the complete opposite to what a Dog needs from his partner. Dragons are always seeking new heights while Dogs seek familiarity and Dragons lust after power and adventure while Dogs enjoy romance and security.

A Dog truly wants and needs security, which is something a Dragon is usually unwilling to provide. If a Dragon senses a chance to seize more power, whether it be in the form of money, a position, or attracting another admirer, she will usually take it at all costs, which may leave the Dog at home for many lonely nights, wondering if his spouse shows the same faithfulness as he.

There is little security with a Dragon; people are not as important to her as money, power, and control. If your Dragon partner can remain faithful to you, she will likely dominate the relationship completely, taking control of every aspect of your lives together, and expecting you to bend to her every whim. Refusing to do so may result in the most spectacular displays of temper-which are all part of the Dragon’s manipulative tactics. Dragons are known to be tyrants who nevertheless manage to get their slaves to love them.

Although there may seem to be a compelling sexual chemistry in your relationship, a Dragon inspires lust in many. As a Dog, it is not likely that your needs will be met by a Dragon, who has a hard time giving up power for family and a hard time giving up adventure.

A steadfast Dog is likely not exciting enough for the Dragon to inspire her to fidelity, which means the Dog will be prone to heartbreak. The Dragon, on her part, will likely be bored. If a Dog and Dragon are determined to make a relationship work, the Dog will have to compromise his calm nature to experience whirlwinds of activity, and be willing to submit to most of the Dragon’s demands. The Dragon will have to learn fidelity, and be willing to sacrifice power for family on occasion.

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