Dog Man Goat Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Goat woman, he will consider her undependable and frivolous. He also has a desire to "save" her. She will admire his idealism and high standards... at first. She will quickly reveal herself as unsalvageable and he will be intolerant. His anxieties and unsocial behavior will become a chore for her. Her emotional needs will tax him terribly.

Chinese Dog and Goat end up arguing more than not. They are both affectionate but their emotions may get the better of them. Dog tends to be pessimistic, which is hard for Goat to bear. Dog also has very high moral beliefs which can prove frustrating for Goat. Sheep is very emotional and sensitive. They can become very high strung at times and become anxious. If both parties can overcome their issues, they can have a nice relationship.

Dog Man and Goat Woman Compatibility

This Dog Goat compatibility can work, but it will likely be very tricky to pull off. Relationship can be blissful, if both of them make a little bit of effort. They are perfectly happy chasing a thought all the way through to its conclusion, then finding another one to chase down.

The Chinese animal sign Dog is a skittish sign, prone to emotional instability. They hold everyone up to an exceptionally high standard of behavior. They suffer from an irrational fear that no one else can be trusted. In the face of adversity, or when finding its beliefs challenged, the Dog man can very easily become stubborn and unthinkingly dogmatic. The code will be adhered to even when shown to be inappropriate.

Dogs do not tend toward idle banter, instead focusing on topics and subjects they find important. They can come across to others as exceedingly serious and waspish, as anyone who disagrees with them is most assuredly going to hear about it.

The Chinese zodiac sign Goat is artistic, esoteric, and eclectic. Trying to follow the logic of a Sheep, for anyone other than people of the same sign, can be quite frustrating. They do not so much think in straight lines as they do in intuitive leaps and sidesteps. The Goat woman do enjoy time with and around others, but find the inside of their own head so fascinating that they’ll tend to get lost.

Dog Man and Goat Woman Love

There are many areas of compatibility between Dogs and Rams. A Dog’s logical point of view can balance a Ram’s tendency to get lost in dreams. Although you may rub your Goat the wrong way from time to time by insisting upon plans instead of spontaneity, you can help each other: you will help her to be more organized and she will help you to try something new once in awhile. Rams find a lot of love and support in their Dog partners - undying loyalty and devotion helps with their low self-esteem. Be sure to reassure your Goat that she looks beautiful, no matter what.

Since both you and your Goat are likely set in your ways, there will inevitably be some conflict in your relationship. As long as disagreements are kept civil, your normally pleasant natures should win out. An effort to compromise and remember your love for each other should help you weather the storms. Although you will not always see eye to eye with your Goat, it is important to remember that balance is necessary in a relationship. You may consider her to be flighty at times, but your Goat can teach you to avoid becoming bogged down in details and routine, which is a part of your nature.

All in all, this is a relationship with potential. One thing to watch out for is that both you and your Goat are prone to pessimism. This could lead you to doubt your union unnecessarily. It is important to remember that Rams are generally takers whereas Dogs are usually more happy when they are giving, so Dogs and Rams are highly capable of meeting each other’s needs. Both of you are domestic and romantic, and should be able to keep your love alive with a little care.

When in love, the Dog and Goat soulmates can be each other’s best friends if they be just a little bit more compromising.

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