Dog Man Horse Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Horse woman, they can have a nice life together. He will be able to eventually let go of his anxieties and insecurities. She will grow more appreciative of his ethics. She will not be very sympathetic and may think he is too idealistic. He may become jealous of others.

Chinese Dog and Horse will do very well together as long as they both have their own space. For some people there is such a thing as seeing too much of each other, and this couple belongs in this group. Dog loves the quiet life. They tend to get a little pessimistic at times, but they are trustworthy no matter what. Dog does not trust easily, and if Horse tends to let their eye wander, Dog will be devastated. Horse likes to go out and have fun. They tend to feel trapped if the other person in the relationship expects too much. If they can overcome these issues, they will find they are a good match. They are both very affectionate with one another.

Dog Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

The Dog and Horse compatibility is mind blowing and matches in all aspects. They make a very good couple together.

The Chinese zodiac sign Dog is a high energy sign that always prefers to be doing something. They tend to view those of lower energy as lazy or boring and are themselves often compelled to be busy. A Dog man will hold themselves to a strict code of behavior and avoids idle banter if at all possible. This leads Dogs to be viewed by many as honest, straightforward, and trustworthy. They do, however, suffer from an irrational belief that no one else can ever be fully trusted.

The Horse is also an extremely high energy Chinese astrology sign. They are adventurous and often impatient creatures. Horses are caught between two impulses that will rule most of what they do. The first is a need to fit in, to feel part of a group. The second is a need for freedom and self determination. These two impulses will often run counter to one another. The instinctual reaction of a Horse woman who feels trapped in any way, shape, or form is to run away.

The Dog-Horse relationship is one of the best in Chinese astrology with excellent love compatibility and understanding. The Dog and Horse in love may suffer from some initial issues, especially in matters of trust. However, the two make excellent partners when one considers their similarities. When they start dating each both, both will have a wonderful time.

Dog Man and Horse Woman Love

A relationship between a Dog and a Horse does have long term potential, as your natures balance each other well at times. However, as with any relationship, opposing natures that can balance each other can also create conflict. Being aware of your natures based on your Chinese zodiac signs will help you to promote peace and harmony in your relationship.

Horses have a very straightforward and honest manner, and in females this can be seen as being "curt" or nagging. (The word "nag" actually refers to an old horse.) A partner with a more volatile nature would take offence at the Horseโ€™s words, which sometimes cut deep, but a steady, reliable Dog can take these words in the manner they were meant, and avoid becoming overly offended.

To sum up the compatibility between Dogs and Horses: Dogs and Horses balance each other well in a relationship, as the compatibility of their natures can result in a very stable and loving union. The logical, practical nature of the Dog grounds the more social and flighty nature of the horse, but he is loyal and true to his smart and excitable partner.

Horses are both perceptive and straightforward, which can be a hurtful combination if their partners cannot understand and accept the way they communicate, but the gentle, loving, and loyal dog will not take offense at the horseโ€™s occasionally curt observations. The dog is there to calm his Horseโ€™s anxieties and fears with his steadfast presence. This relationship has a strong potential to last. The Dog and Snake soulmates complement each other in love, in bed and emotionally.

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