Dog Man Monkey Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Monkey woman, they have some common interests to start their relationship. Their differences however can cause some problems. He will have problems with her lackadaisical attitude and may become critical. She has completely different attitudes towards moral behavior.

Chinese Dog and Monkey can have a great life together. They are both very attracted to one another. Monkeyโ€™s charm will win Dog over easily. In return, Dog pledges lifelong loyalty. They can have a great time. Monkey knows how to cheer Dog up when they get pessimistic. This helps Dog really open up to the possibilities before them. Dog teaches Monkey how to slow down and enjoy life. When Dog gets down, they may be very critical. This can run Monkey off if they are not careful. By getting each of them to accept the other fully, they will do better and have a longer relationship.

Dog Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

The Dog and Monkey compatibility is fiery but can sustain if both of them are ready to understand each other. There is an exceptional level of volatility in the Dog and Monkey relationship. The Dogโ€™s belief that others are incapable of being trusted is more than likely to work overtime when in the vicinity of the social butterfly that is the Monkey. That, combined with their exceptionally high standards of behavior, will tend toward them to view the party animal Monkey as one of the lowest possible forms of life.

The Monkey will reciprocate, feeling that the Dog is stubborn, stuffy, dogmatic, and, in general, a party-pooper. For those trying to make this work, all is not lost. The love compatibility between the Dog and Monkey can work out with a little bit of effort.

According to Chinese horoscope compatibility, the Dog and Monkey soulmates are incredibly high in energy and can learn quite a lot from one another. The male or female Dog must learn that it is not the moral pinnacle of the universe. The Monkey must learn that it is not the center of creation. If the Dog learns to lighten up a bit and the male or female Monkey learns a bit of moderation, these two can get up to some quite famous adventures.

Dog Man and Monkey Woman Love

Although Dogs and Monkeys are almost total opposites, they can share a romantic relationship. Monkeys tend to become less flighty as they age, and become more interested in domestic concerns such as having children. Monkeys tend to be very fruitful. If you do truly capture the heart of a Monkey, she makes a splendid, passionate partner who will charm and amuse you. You will need to draw her out and get her to open up, so that she does not continue in her usual pattern of deceit and keeping secrets.

A Monkey can be a good partner for a Dog who otherwise would spend much time alone. Monkeys enjoy socializing and trying new things, which can shake up a Dogโ€™s routine and keep it from becoming boring and stifling. Being with a Monkey partner can be very challenging for a Dog, who prefers predictability and stability, but it can also have its benefits.

It can be difficult to maintain a stable relationship with a Monkey. If a Monkey is not ready to settle down, you will not be able to convince her to do so, and you will likely suffer heartbreak. If, however, your Monkey has gotten her youthful flightiness out of her system somewhat, and is ready to commit to you, you will find that she amuses and entertains you, and that her optimism balances your natural Dog pessimism quite well.

Monkeys rarely come to trouble as the result of their schemes, but your Monkey will need you to open up to. Monkeys tend to look down on others, and as a result do not let many people get close. Your Monkey partner will need you when she is ready to confide her hopes and fears, and your loyal Dog like nature will be ready to perform that service.

The truth is that it is difficult for the Dog and Monkey to have a stable union, but if both sides are willing to compromise, your opposite natures will balance each other well.

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