Dog Man Ox Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and an Ox woman, he will spend most of his time trying to improve the world they live in. She is rooted firmly in reality while he is more idealistic. They may need a bit of adjustment to reach a common meeting ground. Ox tends to accumulate wealth and stability for their family, while Dog wants to be charitable and give it away. This can be an area they have disagreements on. These two also make good friends.

Chinese Dog and Ox are both very loyal and honest. They make a very happy couple. Their biggest problems may stem from Dog’s feelings of jealousy and potential betrayal. This offends Ox deeply, as they are as loyal as they come. If this issue can be worked through, this couple will live happily ever after.

Dog Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac love compatibility between the signs of the dog and ox is pretty negligible. How will these two work out in the long term is a very tough question! Will they be able to have an easy relationship? Or will their differences cause them any problems? Will it take a lot of hard work for them to have a successful relationship?

The dog will be especially appreciative of the honorable ox as they tend to be somewhat anxious. They have issues when it comes to trusting others so they will adore the ox’s steady sensibility. The Chinese animal sign ox has a sense of honor and is very smart. They will not give the dog a reason to be suspicious or envious, as they are not the kinds to ever betray a lover.

The Chinese zodiac dog and ox relationship can be good together whether they are friendly or romantic. They will admire each other’s faithful and honorable nature. The ox will admire the dog’s devoted sense of decency and want to be the same for them. When these two Chinese astrology signs of the dog and the ox are dating, they will each be a steady foundation for each other. Both will be able to make each other feel at ease. They can also each give a sense of stability.

The ox woman prefers a home life that is balanced and organized. They will be a great support system for their lovers. There are times when the dogs will feel overemotional and the peaceful feeling that comes from being with the oxen, will be sure to calm them.

The dog man or woman can be somewhat negative. They will sometimes give in to foolish fears but will calmed by the ox. Their relationship will not be one that needs to be concerned with either partner cheating. The dog and ox soulmates will both set the bar high for themselves. They will also expect others to meet these same expectations.

Dog Man and Ox Woman Love

You will admire the strength and confidence of you Ox. You will appreciate that she is as faithful and hardworking as you are, and wonder why she never seems to be plagued by the same doubts. Oxen and Dogs both make logical, well-considered decisions, so it is easy for the two of them to live together. It is true that once Oxen make up their minds they can be obstinate, and as a Dog you might find this puzzling. You are not so reluctant to change your mind if new information appears.

Dogs and Oxen have the same kind of intelligence. To other people, a Dog may appear stupidly loyal, with nothing going on inside his head, and likewise an Ox may appear stupidly wilful, refusing to think about anything. In actuality, there is a great deal of intelligence going on behind the scenes. Once Dogs and Oxen carefully and logically consider their choices, they generally commit to them.

The one thing to be careful of is disagreements. If your Ox disagrees with you, she must be fair in her arguments, or you will feel betrayed and unleash the anger and harsh words that lay below your calm demeanour. This is, of course, the worst thing to do with an Ox-the harder the wall you throw up in front of her, the less she will think, and the more she will bash against it stubbornly. The only time Oxen make rash decisions is when they are angry, and unfortunately they commit to rash decisions with the same intensity as rational ones. So you must avoid these kinds of volatile arguments at all costs by using compromise and sympathy for each other.

Dogs and Oxen make great partners because they agree on so many fundamental issues that often tear relationships apart. If they can avoid bashing heads, they are likely to have a stable life together.

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