Dog Man Pig Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Pig woman, they appear very different on the surface, yet they can make a wonderful life together. Her gentle affection will keep him from getting stuck in a pessimistic rut. They both love home and family and will build upon this. He may not figure out her need to deeply share with him right away.

Chinese Dog and Pig are made for each other. Both signs are caring and love to be affectionate with each other. Once in awhile, one may end up giving too much and forget about caring for themselves. This should be avoided as it can cause many problems. They will have a lovely warm home that is a joy to visit. Both Dog and Pig enjoy the quiet joys of life. They like to entertain close friends and family. Each will protect the other no matter what.

Dog Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac compatibility between the dog and pig is excellent. They get along well together because of each having a happy demeanor. Both will also have decent intentions. The dog will sometimes have mood swings and when they are in a cranky mood they will need some alone time to get it out of their system.

The Chinese dog and pig compatibility will be high on romance as these two are likely to get along very well. Both will value family and home. They will be able to connect over their values of home and family. Since the dog man has a higher energy level than the pig woman, this might cause some problems for these two animal signs. However the female pig is laid back and the male dog is gracious and they should be able to work through it.

The Chinese astrology sign pig has to be careful because they sometimes are too nice to a fault and others will take advantage of them. They have a sensual nature and enjoy luxurious things. They enjoy a relaxing time spent eating good food, taking long baths, and napping. They will be grateful for the security their partner offers.

The pig is a pretty easygoing person and does not mind giving people the space they need to do as they wish. Thus the dog and pig friendship will no face much trouble in matters of love compatibility.

Dog Man and Pig Woman Love

What does this say about a romantic union between a Dog and a Pig? This relationship is very stable and beneficial to both parties. Since both the Dog and Pig are loyal and trustworthy, neither is likely to stray and commit infidelity. You and your Pig will both prefer to make a loving home than be out socializing, because neither of you are flighty. Your Pig will still have more of a need for the company of others than you do, however.

You will find your Pig willing to do anything to cheer you up when you sink into one of your morose moods, including lavish surprises. Pigs are fond on indulgences, especially in good food, but they like to bestow these indulgences on others almost as much as they like them themselves! Your Pig will sense when you are in a bad mood and help to make it better. Her optimism will balance your pessimism, but it will sometimes get her into trouble and she will need you to be her guard Dog. You will always feel loved and appreciated with a Pig for a partner, and that is something your Dog nature needs.

Although Dogs and Pigs are a fantastic combination for a stable, loving relationship, every relationship has its problems. With Dogs and Pigs, the problems are not likely to be volatile. Rather, the tendency to get into a routine may lead to some boredom. Although neither Dogs nor Pigs are usually tempted to stray, they can find themselves unfulfilled.

As the Pig has a more romantic and imaginative nature, it is likely that she will be able to think of small changes to "mix things up," without being so wild as to frighten the Dog, who is suspicious of change. Since you are both givers by nature, all you have to do is open up to your Pig about what you both want and need, since you both will be happy to give it to the other.

If you are in love with a Pig, be sure to pursue her because the two of you seem destined for long-term happiness.

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