Dog Man Rat Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Rat woman, she will cheer him up and buoys him with her respect. He will give to others without a thought and forgives her when she has issues with this. If she begins to take an interest in his charities, he may be swayed to begin his charity at home first.

Chinese Dog and Rat make a pretty good pair in many cases. While Dog may seem boring to some Rats, Dog has mood swings that many Rats find intriguing. These changes in temperament keep Rats on their toes and makes Dog more interesting. Rat can help Dog cheer up with their affection and love of the night life.

Dog Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The dog and rat by natures are somewhat different. But according to Chinese astrology compatibility, this match could be an interesting one. The dog and rat in love seem to have some differences, but they do not hurt their relationship. The rat places importance on being around their close friends and family that are devoted to them. The dog will will make a great friend and will definitely be one of those who is devoted to the rat.

The Chinese zodiac dog and rat in a relationship, actually make a pretty decent couple. They have a fair amount in common. They are both peaceful, loving and self sufficient. The rat is charismatic and diligent. They might be more loving. Because they are so impulsive, they might have to give their partner a lot of notice about changes to their schedule. The dog is devoted and kind. They are gracious and laid back but like a routine.

There is a small chance the relationship could be somewhat boring for these two. The dog and the rat soulmates can be very happy together. They will both have great admiration for each other. They have similar interests that will help their relationship.

In a dog-rat friendship, both are outgoing, but can let each other take some time alone if they need to. This should help prevent these two from having too many arguments. Communication is very important with these two. This will help these two keep a fair amount of peace between them even while they are dating.

In a romantic marriage, the Chinese zodiac dog and rat will be able to do a lot for each other. The dog tends to be upbeat until they feel that something is wrong. Only then do they begin to worry and think negatively. In Chinese astrology, rats appreciate having true friends. They will want to be the same for those they are close to. They will be very giving to those they are closest to, and want to treat them very well. They are smart and witty and have a lot of fun so it is easy for them to boost the dog’s mood.

Dog Man and Rat Woman Love

Rates are smart and quick. They are also perfectionists. Although your Rat may have to conquer her desire to live in the moment, she will not be satisfied unless she has done something thoroughly and well. Your logical, dogged nature will appreciate this quality. Rats can be successful in business, but have a weakness with money. As a Dog, you will be the more practical minded and less tempted to spend, so it is advisable for you to control the family finances.

Rats are rarely romantic, but they are still sensual and loyal to their families. You will likely appreciate your Rat’s loyal nature, but you may have to communicate clearly when you need some love and support. Your Rat will not hesitate to give you what you need; she may simply be unable to realize that you need it without being told.

Since Rats have a hard time sharing their feelings, they are prone to outbursts when it all becomes too much. Although this may seem irritating or overly dramatic, it is simply the Rat’s nature to let this all go at once. Female Rats may be more prone to these outbursts. If you see this as a rare bonding opportunity with a Rat, it will be easier to weather the storm. These rare outpourings of emotion will be the times that you get a glimpse of what the Rat is really feeling, and when you get an opportunity to figure out what she needs from you in order to be happy in the relationship.

The Dog and Rat relationship will do very well if these two can learn to communicate and keep each other’s needs in mind.

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