Dog Man Rooster Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Rooster woman, after a brief shining time of newness, they will begin to clash. She will learn she isn’t the most important thing in his life, which is a great blow. He expects her to make his life comfortable and reassure him to overcome his innate insecurities. She isn’t that kind of person, however. She may become aggressive, which will tend to depress him.

Chinese Dog and Rooster can work out but they need to overcome some difficulties. Dog has more energy and isn’t much of a perfectionist like Rooster. Rooster will guard their finances carefully only to have Dog give money away. This can be a very big issue. If they can reach a compromise they can both live with, they may be happy. Dog can help Rooster learn to accept and receive affection. Rooster can give Dog someone they can truly trust. Their relationship won’t be perfect, but they can have a pleasant life.

Dog Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

According to Chinese astrology compatibility, the Dog Rooster compatibility is most often a poor match at best, regardless of the circumstances. Both are strong of will. The Dog tends to believe that it is holding fast to its principles, when it may just be closed-minded and stubborn.

The Rooster zodiac sign feels a constant compulsion to impose its will on its surroundings and has a nose for avoiding telling the truth. The Rooster male or female is more than likely to notice exactly the moment at which the Dog becomes dogmatically entrenched. Then they will call that out as nonsense. As might readily be imagined, this is the farthest thing from diplomatic as is possible.

In all likelihood, things in a Dog and Rooster relationship will not get this far. There is, however, a small light at the end of this long and miserably dark tunnel. Both the Dog and Rooster soulmates are very loyal to those who they see as trustworthy friends. If the many, and often not minor, differences and obstacles between these two can be circumvented or overcome then the Dog Rooster compatibility can be a spectacular, long term success.

The Chinese Rooster is motivated almost entirely by self interest, but it is worth remembering that it is often in their best interest to foster and reward loyalty. Dogs will respond strongly to this. They can take direction quite well and the odd mood swing can be dealt with swiftly by the Rooster.

Both the Dog and Rooster in love tend toward blunt honesty. Each will always know precisely in the dog-rooster marriage, where they stand with the other. They will pass along this same frank diplomacy to everyone with whom they deal.

Dog Man and Rooster Woman Love

In general, a match between a Dog and Rooster is a happy one. They like to live and organize their lives in similar fashions, which means there will usually be peace in the home. Problems can occur if your Rooster, who has a tendency to be outspoken, hurts you too deeply with her words. Roosters do indeed like to crow, and will trumpet just about anything to be the center of attention, so a misinterpreted or overheard word may wound you. Once you become defensive, the two of you may end up barking and crowing back and forth for quite a while. The Rooster is proud and slightly vain, and won’t want to be the first to give in during a fight.

It is important to keep in mind that as long as a small amount of compromise during these conflicts will allow you to have a wonderful, stable long-term relationship where neither of you gets on the other’s nerves too much. Roosters love to strut and preen, and your Rooster’s penchant for fine clothing or her obsession with her appearance may bother you, as you won’t see a logical point to the whole thing, but you should keep in mind that it is her nature. Don’t be overly quick to point out her faults or she will respond with a sharp tongue of her own, and the battle lines will be drawn. Once a Dog and Rooster fight begins, it is likely to continue for awhile, since you both have persistent natures.

Don’t let this deter you-fights should be few and far between because Roosters and Dogs think the same way about practical, everyday matters. Fights are not likely to come up often, so all you need to remember the odd time they do is that compromise is worth it to keep this wonderful, compatible mate that you have.

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