Dog Man Snake Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Snake woman, she may find that being tied to one of such high moral fiber is not as fun as she thought. She will feel unappreciated when he spends more time worrying about causes than how she looks. His practicality may grate at her. They can reach a point of agreement, however. If he can help her gently see her mistakes instead of being critical and she can try to understand him, both will find a loyal and dear partner.

Chinese Dog and Snake are great friends. They can make a more intimate relationship work if they can overcome a few obstacles. While Dog is loyal and dedicated, they tend to be pessimistic. Snake needs to be able to lift Dog’s spirits so they don’t cause irritation in the relationship. Snake is compassionate and optimistic, but can be very possessive. Until they realize how trustworthy Dog is, they may make life miserable. Once they have met these obstacles, life will be sweet.

Dog Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

Chinese horoscope compatibility predicts that the Dog Snake compatibility can be a tough one, though not impossible. he Dog and Snake relationship can work out if both can make some adjustments to their lifestyle. The love compatibility in this zodiac match can be better if the couple is ready to make it work.

The Dog is a loyal, but unpredictable Chinese zodiac sign that holds itself firmly to a high standard of behavior. Dogs often have trouble trusting that others are being honest or that they will hold themselves to their word. They are often called on as mediators and can be very successful diplomats. However, Dog men can also be quite judgmental and inflexibly dogmatic. This is exacerbated by their tendency to avoid idle banter and skew all conversations towards things they care about deeply. This means any disagreement can rapidly devolve into a shouting match.

The Snake is intuitive, analytical, and intellectual. This Chinese astrology sign is the epitome of think before you act, preferring to weigh every option before committing. The Snake man or woman is neither introverted, nor lazy. They are rather more active mentally than physically. They would rather plan and move with purpose than dive headfirst into a situation on the premise that immediate action is better than taking time to think it through.

The Dog and Snake friendship can likely to form an equal partnership in business that can be quite successful. Both signs are natural diplomats and quite able to make most potential partners or customers comfortable. The Dog has a severe aversion to people who don’t tell the truth. This is often seen as a refreshing honesty and is likely to make any Dog Snake compatibility a strong and lasting one. The Dog may do well here to take the lead in any travel that needs be done, while the Snake runs the office.

Dog Man and Snake Woman Love

Snakes and Dogs do have the potential to get along. As long as your Snake only performs her clever manipulations on others, and does not try it on you, you will not feel betrayed. Your strong sense of right and wrong, however, is likely to be offended by the way she treats others in the pursuit of her goals. Dogs and Snakes may find themselves in many disagreements over morals.

Since your Snake partner is likely to be materialistic while you are not, she may have expectations of you when it comes to buying gifts that you don’t meet. Snakes are happy with Dogs as companions because they demand unwavering loyalty and Dogs are happy to give it. Despite your Snake’s tendency to manipulate and double cross others, she herself will be extremely offended at every minor slight. If you find you cannot stand hypocrisy, you are likely to disapprove of the actions of your Snake partner.

Overall, your Dog personality will get on well with a Snake. You will enjoy each other’s company, as the Snake allows herself to be tender and supportive to the ones she loves, which, as a Dog, you will need from time to time. If your Snake is willing to compromise on occasion so that her actions do not offend your sense of justice and what is right, you are likely to be happy. If Snakes can get past their tendency to have a wandering eye, they make great parents, and the spark will never go out when you are married to a sensual, seductive Snake!

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