Dog Man Tiger Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Tiger woman, some astrologers think this relationship won’t work, while others do. They both love their independence and are inherently fair. She loves his humanitarian views and he loves her enthusiasm, strength of character and vitality.

Chinese Dog and Tiger is the poster couple for affection. They are generally free of many of the problems that plague other couples. They both have the ability to overlook negative features in each other, which helps them keep harmony in their relationship. Dog is rarely possessive. They give security to Tiger, yet allow them freedom to be who they are. Tiger ignores Dog’s natural pessimism and is an expert at cheering them up. They can have a wonderful life together full of warmth, trust and respect.

Dog Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac dog and tiger relationship can be fun and happening. Will the fun be enough to carry them into a long term relationship? Will the Dog and Tiger soulmates be able to have a successful relationship? Will these two have to work hard to be happy?

According to Chinese astrology predictions, the dog and tiger relationship will be full of compassion and kindness. They will have a lot of fun and satisfaction from being together. Chinese zodiac compatibility says that the dog dating the tiger will form an almost perfect match. These two will typically not have the same kind of problems that other couples will. They will both have the capability of overlooking each other’s negative aspects and never think of a breakup.

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the dog and the tiger are honorable and will want to protect the ones they are closest to. They will be able to provide security to each other when they are in a relationship that is intimate and sensitive.

The tiger will need to find a way to balance this. They do not like relationships that are suffocating. However, in a relationship with the male or female dog, the man or woman tiger will feel they are being protected along with their desires and needs. They will be more than happy to make the dog man or woman feel the same. They are honorable, kind hearted and brave.

The dog will be more than happy to receive that kind of attention. They can have some issues when it comes to trusting others and they also have a tendency to be somewhat negative. But their lover will make them feel secure. They communicate very well with each other and always have something to talk about.

Dog Man and Tiger Woman Love

What does this say about the relationship between the Dog and the Tiger? The Tiger’s sometimes chaotic nature is balanced by the steadfast temperament of the Dog. Your Tiger will appreciate that you are always there for her when she needs to reveal her secret self and ask for your love and support. Tigers respond well to a dog’s loyalty and encouragement, and will take the advice of the cautious Dog who warns that a course of action may be too risky.

Dogs and Tigers have in common the trait of bounding into action if they see another being wronged, and they will admire this in each other. A benefit to you is that your Tiger will be adventurous enough to drag you away from home territory once in awhile, and encourage you to take small risks that will prevent you from getting stuck in a rut.

As a Dog, it is important to note that it may be risky to form a love relationship with a young Tiger, as Tigers are prone to wild flings and affairs in their youth. Once a little older, Tigers are more capable of restraining their physical passion to one person. Your loyal nature as a Dog will resent infidelity, so it’s important to make sure your Tiger is capable of that before committing.

All in all, the relationship between a Dog and a Tiger is well-balanced and likely to be a success.

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