Dragon Man

Dragon males are usually quite expressive in sexual situations and consider it a further form of personal freedom. To this end they are generally more open to unusual experiences than other signs. It can be very difficult for the male Dragon to find true love as their tremendous egos will usually never be satisfied.

The Dragon man is known to have an army of admirers yet few if any true friends. He sincerely believes he is infallible and cannot be or do wrong. This may often hold true in life as well as physical ability as Dragon males are naturally unusually strong and athletically gifted.

The Dragon man is quite emotional and sentimental with those he cares for. He is very pleasant usually, but even a perceived slight can send him into a terrible rage. The male Dragon will also carry a grudge far longer if not forever against those who cross him.

Men born under the Chinese sign of the Dragon are aristocratic in appearance. Tall, well built with power muscles and shoulders, they walk slowly and deliberately, never seeming to be in a hurry to do anything. Men of this sign are known to have thick hair, dazzling eyes and long eyelashes, matched with a grin and laugh that allure everyone alike.

Dragon Man – Personality and Characteristics

I, me, and my are the words the Dragon male utters with gusto every time he opens his mouth to speak. If they recur with such exasperating regularity, it is because this man is obsessively concerned with projecting a glorious image of himself. While not an egoist, he is unmistakably an egotist in every sense of the term.

Discretion and self-effacement are by no means a part of the native’s personality. On the contrary, self-conceit and self-sufficiency are conspicuously to the fore of his psychological texture. Whatever the circumstances, he always seeks to be where the limelight falls – literally and figuratively – even though this may require unfairness on his part. It is impossible for him to resign himself to taking a back-seat or being second to anyone in any field, for he has an excessively high opinion of his own talents. In order to keep his ego afloat on a permanent basis, he does not hesitate to resort to boastfulness, displaying his real exploits as well as imaginary feats with a zealot’s conviction. He may become as vindictive, spiteful, and tyrannical as anyone can be when his self-esteem is hurt.

This man is frequently blinded by false pride and consequently often shows himself insufferably arrogant. Always inclined to overestimate his own value, he is unable to accept criticism or contradiction. He consciously adopts a dogmatic stance and stubbornly rejects the opinions of those who do not agree with him. It is extremely hard for him to acknowledge his shortcomings and apologize when he is in the wrong. His sense of self-importance and superiority entails his contempt for others which he does not even bother to conceal. When he addresses somebody, it is generally from a dominant position that he does so. With such provocative haughtiness, there is no wonder why he does not find it easy to make or keep friends, and to forestall other people’s ill feelings or downright hostility toward him.

There exists no limit to this type’s narcissism. He does not waste his time on anything short of success or what he believes to be success. He always expects to be acknowledged as the unchallenged leader, even when he perfectly knows he hardly deserves it. Constantly on the lookout for the attention, approval, and admiration of others, he needs a public at all times and never resists his desire to make a spectacle of himself. His tendency to be ridiculously vulnerable to flattery constitutes his nastiest weakness. But for all his professed assurance and show of arrogant bravado, he is in reality awfully self-conscious and shy, for he perpetually fears to make faux pas, fall short of his self-imposed standards, appear under an unfavourable light, or be appreciated below his expectations.

Snobbishness is inscribed in big letters on the list of his drawbacks. Easily impressed by wealth, prestige, rank, and splendour he chooses his friends and associates only among those who enjoy such privileges, disdaining people of modest condition. Marrying up the social ladder is an idea he entertains fondly. With an exaggerated sense for the full comforts of life, he sometimes meets ruin in trying to acquire them.

Among the Dragon male’s other character traits, mention must be made of his irascible temperament. He can explode with anger at the slightest provocation and when one is least expecting it. His outbursts frequently make him commit violent, though never criminal, acts which he will secretly – not publicly – regret when his steam is off. During his fits of boil he really recalls his symbolic animal – a Dragon belching out long flames. One would be prudent in such moments to avoid him and keep precious or fragile objects out of his reach. But his fury will fade away exactly as it came – rapidly, unexpectedly – without leaving any shade of rancour in its trail.

It would be unjust to take this man for a heartless, perverted person, more concerned about his own glory than about anything else. He may benefit indulgence once his motives are well understood. If he lacks modesty to such an obnoxious degree, it is because he naturally believes himself to be superior to everyone else in any context and tries to prove it to himself as well as to the rest of the world. His inborn authority, ascendancy over others, and personal charisma are real enough and naturally get him into a position of command.

Although full of himself, he is ready to take the wisdom of elderly people into due consideration. Much of his arrogance, it must be pointed out, stems from his innermost doubt of his abilities – doubt which he is hardly ever conscious of. Finally, his irascibility is probably nothing else than his way to react to anxiety – for all his outward display of confidence and strength, he does feel miserable at heart more often than he is prepared to recognize.

In fact, the Dragon male is one of the trickiest characters to size up and analyse. Just like the legendary animal, he is not always what he seems and often proves to be the very antithesis of what his apparent comportment may suggest. He can be one person outwardly and yet quite another person deep down inside – and this without any deceitful intention! If one side of his personality has shown us a Dragon engrossed in his ego, the other side reveals us a completely different type – the one graced with outstanding intellectual and moral qualities.

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