Dragon Man Dragon Woman

Chinese Dragon and Dragon will have a hot relationship. They are supportive and caring for each other but love to share adventures. They are not likely to spend a lot of time at home. They are not known for jealousy if one partner goes off on their own. Dragons are natural flirts and they attract many admirers. Even knowing this, they trust that their partner will return to them.

Dragons are lucky with money and tend to attract a lot of it. Nevertheless, learning to watch their spending is a good thing. Arguments will sound worse than they really are. They make up quickly. Double Dragons can bring even more luck, more intelligence and more fire to the relationship.

Dragon Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

The Dragons are considered the shining stars of the Chinese Zodiac. Those born under the Chinese sign of the Dragon enjoy great luck and prosperity. They are strong, charismatic leaders and generous romantic lovers.

A Dragon Dragon relationship explodes with personality and passion. They are great leaders, love to be in control and love to clash and challenge each other. They need to be the centers of their worlds. This love compatibility is most powerful when each Dragon already has a place of their own to shine. In this situation, they support each other. If they are competing for the center of attention, they will make winning the competition more important than the love relationship.

When a male Dragon and a female Dragon get together, they will prove to be a supercharged couple. They both prefer to be adored, and may trail a crowd of admirers in this couple’s combined wake wherever they go. Their absolute confidence in the power of their mutual attraction goes far to eliminate jealousy, and neither will worry if the other runs off for a few days to be alone in a different climate for novelty’s sake.

This pair is brimming with enthusiasm and is always on the lookout for new pretty faces to add to its social scrapbook. The fact that neither will be able to exercise its accustomed control over their partner in this combination will prove to be a minor annoyance, and will not do much to break up this formidable and durable couple.

Dragon Man and Dragon Woman Love

Dragons require a lot of love and admiration. Two Dragons will be seeking this admiration from each other, and are not likely to have much to give in return. You may resent that your Dragon woman wishes to pursue her own career rather than stay home and support you in your endeavours, and she will not see any reason why she should give up anything of her life for you. In other words, two young Dragons may make splendid physical partners, but not much more.

As Dragons get older, they gain a greater tendency to want to settle down, and compromise is more likely. A female Dragon may be more likely to put a stop to travel in order to have a family, which she will love and protect with all the persistence that she pursued success in her youth. You too will be more likely to settle down, and give up throngs of admirers in exchange for one.

No matter the age, two Dragons will have difficulties in their relationship. All relationships have a certain amount of jockeying for power, and this will be intense when both partners care so much for power and control. Dragons are used to praise and admiration, and are not used criticism and compromise. If you plan to commit yourself to another Dragon, you must have a plan for dealing with power struggles and conflicts when they arise. You have a better chance of succeeding romantically if you are also partnered in business, because neither of you will have to give up your work aspirations.

If you think you will be able to overwhelm and overpower a female Dragon in the same manner you are accustomed to controlling others, you will be in for a surprise. A female Dragon is likely more than a match for you, and you may find yourself being tamed a little by her power.

The Dragon Dragon as soulmates will do best when they can feed each other’s need for flattery and attention. As attentive and flamboyant lovers, as long as they aren’t competing, they will naturally admire the skill and passion in the other and stroke each other’s egos. They understand each other well and can build an enduring bond with each other.

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