Dragon Man Horse Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dragon man and a Horse woman, the relationship will start out hot and heavy. As this cools, she may find it difficult to keep praising him for his ego. In return, he may become more misogynistic and become overbearing. If they can overcome this, they can be relatively happy.

Chinese Dragon and Horse have a lot in common. Both believe in love at first sight and can easily form a mutual admiration society between the two of them. Horse loves Dragon’s passion and excitement. Dragon loves Horse’s caring and strength. They will love going on adventures together in exotic locales. They are often the center of attention.

Dragon Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the dragon and horse can have a lot of fun together. They will be energetic and stimulating together. They will connect on both the social and intellectual levels. Both the dragons and horses are full of energy and love to have fun. They both prefer not to put down roots. They can keep each other challenged, happy, and satisfied.

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the dragon and horse have quite a bit in common. The both love to have a good time and are daring and sociable. Both will prefer moving about and staying busy. They will enjoy getting out of the house more.

The Dragon and Horse relationship will be happy if they can keep a job and keep their home running well. They will be strong together when they both have the change and independence they require. They will encourage each other’s enterprising nature.

Both the male Dragon and the female Horse have a great degree of enthusiasm for life, and will combine their efforts in order to seize whatever new experiences may come their way with great gusto. Both enjoy exploration of all that this world has to offer, and as long as they share an interest in the entertainment of the moment, they should get along fine.

Excessive emotional demands will vie with a shared distaste for mundane chores as the first indication of trouble in paradise for these two. The male Dragon requires adoration that the female Horse is ill equipped to provide, and she may be forced to flee from a stifling imprisonment. This combination of Signs is better off in the short term than in the long term.

Dragon Man and Horse Woman Love

The love combination between a Dragon and a Horse is an interesting one, and has potential. On one hand, the two of you will share a love of travelling, but neither of you are used to sharing the spotlight. Horses are not possessive, so if you take a Horse as a mate, she is not likely to be jealous of your many female admirers, which is lucky for you, as you are likely to have them whether you want them or not!

Horses will fall in love easily, and throw all of their devotion your way. At first, this will seem like the perfect match, because as a Dragon you need that love and support to continue to pursue your goals. Unfortunately, Horses’ affections are usually fleeting. You will have to put as much effort into keeping your Horse’s interest as you put into your business and financial goals if you want this relationship to last.

Horses are clever with finances, and make excellent business decisions. As a Dragon, this may bother you, because you prefer to do things all yourself, and are fond of being in control. It will be hard for you to admit that your Horse might be better at handling the finances than you are.

Other than the possibility of your pride becoming wounded if your partner handles some tasks better than you do, it may be difficult for the two of you to run a household. You are more interested in grand aspirations than day to day chores, while Horses, females especially, are much fonder of socializing than drudgery.

If you are determined to pair up with a Horse, you will need a good plan for managing the household, and a dedication to keeping the fires burning so you don’t lose her interest. She will be satisfied if you put in the effort to make her the center of attention once in awhile, and sometimes let her take the lead when it comes to your social schedule.

The horse will be practical about any decision the dragon horse soulmates are making together. The dragon and horse marriage compatibility too can be very good as long as they can learn to accept each other.

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