Dragon Man Ox Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dragon man and an Ox woman, they will need to work to stay together. While they are both attracted to each other, they need to keep their goals in mind. He likes to be admired and pampered while she is too dignified to do so. He is an outrageous flirt, which can be a serious flaw in her eyes.

Chinese Dragon and Ox make for a hot-tempered pair. They may fight a lot, but they are both passionate, which is precisely what Dragon craves. They respect each other, even when they are fighting bitterly. The conservative Ox will usually clash ideals with the idealist Dragon. This may add up to a frustrating relationship at times.

Dragon Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

The Chinese astrology love compatibility between the dragon and the ox can be quite difficult to carry on without compromise and understanding. The Chinese dragon and ox relationship is not compatible from any angle. This love compatibility will work out only is they have comparable goals together.

The ox has a sense of honor which is admired by their partner. They will in turn admire the determination show by the dragon man or woman. They are hardworking and reliable and desire to have things done right in just one shot. Dragons are brave and daring and will be able to tolerate their loverโ€™s critical and stubborn behavior while dating the ox man or woman. They are very lucky with money. However, they are motivated by influence.

The Chinese zodiac dragon and ox compatibility can make this a great romantic relationship if they both put in lots of effort. The ox and dragon in bed are not romantic but they can be sexually passionate. In friendship, they might not always be truly compatible.

These two will not see eye-to-eye on anything, and the resultant relationship will prove to be short-lived. The male Dragon requires a dash of pizzazz and zest in his partner in order not to feel contempt for their lack of spirit, and it is precisely these qualities that the female Ox lacks. The Ox is dependable, resourceful and quiet - all of which damn her in his eyes as unsuitable for partnership.

In her turn, the Ox feels threatened by the Dragonโ€™s uncontrollable entrances and exits from the scene, and will long for a partner she can predict, and perhaps control to a greater extent. Their sex life will languish in tandem with their mismatched emotional record together. The wonder is that these two disparate Signs ever made any sort of connection in the first place. Their tenure together will be brief.

Dragon Man and Ox Woman Love

It is very difficult for Dragons and Oxen to make a romantic relationship work. While you admire her reliability, you are likely to get bored of her predictability. As a Dragon you crave excitement, power, travel, and grand projects. Oxen do not feel the need for any of these things. You love will have simple tastes and be happy simply knowing that she is doing a good job at whatever she chooses to do. Your eye is likely to wander, and if it does, be sure to break off the relationship rather than straying, because Oxen bear grudges and will neither forget nor forgive your slight.

Your Oxen is likely to be unimpressed by your flashiness and difficulty in completing the things you start. Since Oxen think things through and progress slowly, she is unlikely to fall for your charms and excuses. In fact, your interest in an Ox may pass even before she has made up her mind about whether to date you or not!

If you are really committed to making this relationship work, there will have to be a lot of understanding, compromise, and tolerance. Your basic natures will not change, and each of you must accept that you have different outlooks, work ethics, and strategies for tackling work. If you can do this, it is possible that you will introduce your Ox to new experiences, and she can teach you a thing or two about finishing what you start. There are likely to be many bumps in the road, and you will have to keep reminding yourselves why you respect and love each other.

As soulmates, the dragon and ox will need to adore and appreciate each other to have a successful relationship together. Both have a lot of strength and will not find it easy to compromise with each other. They can appreciate each other but both can be stubborn which can hurt the relationship, forecast the Chinese astrology compatibility.

In love, the dragon and the ox will both need to learn to compromise if they want to make their relationship successful. If they both try for success and achieve that, they can be full of pride and very devoted to each other.

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