Dragon Man Pig Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dragon man and a Pig woman, he will maintain his ego, while her good natured personality is happy to indulge him. She will accept him as he is and let him take the lead. He will be generous to her and support her needs. They will be able to get along quite well.

Chinese Dragon and Pig can have a happy relationship if they are willing to make some concessions. They can have a super intimate relationship. Pig needs to understand Dragon’s "on the go" mentality and not take it personally when they are ready to hop out the door as soon as possible. Dragon needs to support Pig in ways that make them happy. If Dragon can stay home some of the time and Pig is willing to go out some of the time, they may make a good compromise.

Dragon Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The Chinese dragon and pig can be good together as friends or in a romantic relationship. The Dragon Pig compatibility in a partnership will likely be full of success, romance, and stability. The dragon is passionate and might be seen as intensely courageous and self sufficient. The pig is very warm and kind. They place a lot of importance on close friends and family. Because of this, the dragon and pig in love will make a great couple.

The dragon and pig relationship will be great in terms of romance and love compatibility. They will need to let each other keep their differences. They will be more than willing to work together on their goals. The Dragon Pig compatibility will help sustain this love match.

The supercharged male Dragon heart is likely to overwhelm the female Pig upon the first romantic contact of these two Signs. She’ll appreciate the attention he gives her, but may become jealous of the attention everyone else gives him. The Pig will realize however upon further reflection that she’s the one walking away with the prize, and she’ll be ultimately content with her role as Mrs. Dragon.

The male Dragon specializes in introducing the Pig to new and exciting situations that she could never have created for herself. The Pig in turn will provide the Dragon with the unconditional adulation that he needs to thrive at the top of his form. These two should manage to go the distance as an attractive and successful couple.

Dragon Man and Pig Woman Love

What does the Chinese zodiac have to say about relationships between Dragons and Pigs? On the one hand, the devoted Pig provides all the love, admiration, and support that the Dragon needs. If you are in love with a Pig, you will find your life immensely satisfying, because as a Dragon you need that support to flourish in all areas of your life. Pigs really don’t mind supporting a Dragon as he pursues his goals, as long as they have a few creature comforts. So, as long as you respect your Pig, allow her to attend social events with her friends, and make sure she is comfortable; she is likely to be content giving up her career to support you and your family.

You need to watch out for your heart breaking tendencies if you are in love with a Pig, because Pigs nurse their hurt for a long time. Once you break her heart you won’t be likely to get her back. Boars really do enjoy playing a supportive role, so unless you make a huge mistake, your Pig is not likely to mind that most of the focus is on you.

Another important caution is restraint; the two of you both love luxury, so it may be hard to stay within your means or focus on the more boring necessities of day to day chores. With a little planning and discipline, the Dragon and the Pig are one of the happiest and most stable matches.

The dragon and pig soulmates will bond over how they both enjoy experiencing things to the fullest. They will spend a lot of good time together.

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