Dragon Man Rabbit Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dragon man and a Rabbit woman, her femininity and appearance of frailty is very attractive to him. In return, his generosity, warmth and personality are very attractive to her. Her ability to charm him will smooth over any frustrations he may have. Both find it difficult to apologize to the other.

Chinese Dragon and Rabbit will need to compromise in order to get along. Rabbit loves a cozy night at home while Dragon wants a night out. Both signs appreciate a supportive relationship, which they can definitely achieve in this pairing. Dragon helps Rabbit feel safe and can draw Rabbit out of their shell. Rabbit is affectionate and understanding, which makes Dragon feel appreciated. Both signs are lucky with money.

Dragon Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac signs dragon and the rabbit seem very opposite and different in nature. Will these two be able to live together? How good or bad will a dragon-rabbit relationship be in the long run? What kind of love compatibility will this couple share?

The dragon and rabbit relationship can be an intimate, affectionate bond. These two Chinese astrology signs might seem different but they can make each other happy. Both will understand what it is to have an encouraging relationship. They can easily share this kind of love compatibility with a little effort.

The dragon and rabbit compatibility is optimistic and practical. The rabbit might prefer a low key evening at home. They will give their partner acceptance and love which their dragon mate will appreciate. At the same time, the dragon might prefer to get out of the house.

This just won’t work - these two Signs are very different in temperament and outlook, and will not succeed in bridging their vast interpersonal gap. The female rabbit prefers a stable, safe, orderly existence that will present itself as the ultimate in boredom to the go-go Dragon man. The Dragon, in turn, serves merely to upset the Rabbit’s regimented life with his constant comings and goings, events and premieres.

Stormy emotional dialogues are the Dragon’s stock in trade, and no matter how handsome he may be, his tirades will soon alienate the understanding Rabbit nature. Soon she’ll be trying to figure out methods of making him go instead of methods to make him stay. This is a bad match that should be abandoned as soon as possible.

Dragon Man and Rabbit Woman Love

It is possible for the two of you to have a mutually beneficial relationship. As a Dragon you appreciate the deference and respect your Rabbit shows for you, and your Rabbit appreciates being able to hide in the shadow of a mighty Dragon. Your power and connections will shelter your Rabbit from too much stress or conflict. A Rabbit’s diplomacy skills make her a wonderful hostess, and she will spend the entire evening flattering important clients for you, which will help you get ahead in your business efforts.

To keep your Rabbit happy, you will need to make an effort to focus more on her, instead of only yourself. Dragons usually prefer to be the moody emotional one in the relationship, but Rabbits, especially females, can’t help but be moody. You will need to help lift your Rabbit’s spirits from time to time. You must also be very sensitive to your needs, because Rabbit’s hate to ask and would rather go without what they need than provoke a conflict.

Don’t be fooled: for all her soft-spokeness your Rabbit is strong willed. She prefers to get her way through flattery and misdirection, rather than taking what she wants as you do, but she is not likely to give up once she sets her sights on something. As forceful as you are, you may not be immune to her charms, and you might even find yourself wound around her little finger!

The dragon and rabbit as soulmates have different personalities. However, the positive traits of one will complement the less positive traits of the other. They will both lead and encourage each other to improve their traits. The dragon will let the rabbit be more dominant. They know that the rabbits will ask for their advice in most of the decisions they make.

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