Dragon Man Rat Woman

When this pairing consists of Dragon man and Rat woman, he is boss. She caters to his every whim, knowing he will look after her every need in return. They thrive on each others energy and will do all they can to make their relationship special. In this pairing, Dragon often takes center stage, leaving Rat to orchestrate the rest. Both partners are generally happy with this arrangement.

While each sign has negative aspects, in this pairing, each admires the negative aspects of the other. The intelligence of Dragon works well with the work ethic of Rat. When they do disagree, they tend to be fun for them and they resolve their differences quickly. In the bedroom these two are electric. They both have strong love drives and they enjoy meeting each others needs.

Dragon Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The two Chinese zodiac compatibility between the dragon and rat can be excellent and mind-blowing! Will the similarities and differences in the dragon rat relationship keep them together? Will it be a stable bond or just a fling?

The Chinese zodiac dragon and rat compatibility will be good whether they are in a friendship, romantic relationship, are family members, or in business together. The rat might be able to hold their own with no trouble with the dragon who easily push over others.

Chinese astrology compatibility predicts that the Dragon and Rat relationship be satisfying. They are positive together and are courageous and motivated enough to work on their relationship. They both will find it easy to trust each other. They are very capable and have a lot of confidence in each other.

The male Dragon will sweep into the female Rat’s life like a typhoon of sex and romance, bowling her over at the outset. Her canny nature will be baffled by his exuberance, and her ego stroked by the fact of this magnificent pagan beast by her side. When reality finally settles in, the male Dragon may prove to be too much for the settled side of her nature, with his constant striving after the extraordinary.

In return, the Dragon can grow bored with the Rat’s calculating nature, and may soon hit the road in search of more convivial company. All it will take is a bit of circumspect tender loving care on her part, however, to keep him by her side for a while. It’s a question of how much effort these two wish to exert to stay together.

Dragon Man and Rat Woman Love

Your chances of romantic success with a Rat are quite good. She will enjoy adventure as much as you do, and will be easily charmed by the kinds of activities that you find enjoyable. She will admire your strong leadership skills, and be impressed by the power you have. Like you, she will be generous to loved ones, although she is usually better at keeping track of money than you are.

You will find a Rat to be a very helpful partner. Her logical thinking can help you get out of scrapes, which you have a tendency to fall into as your strong enthusiasm prevents you from assessing a situation before jumping in. A Rat will not be threatened by your success or the admiration that you receive, because she is confident enough to know that she is accomplished and captivating in her own right. Since you are always surrounded by admirers, it will be a relief to you that your mate is not jealous!

Be careful not to dominate your Rat too much. Respect her intelligence and talents, and you’ll get along just fine. If you forget that she is a very capable person on her own and try to micro-manage her, she will become quite resentful. If you take care to cultivate interests separate from each other, you will avoid conflicts of dominance and should be able to have a happy home life.

The dragon and rat love match can have a successful relationship if they both realize that each is concerned about what is best for the other.

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