Dragon Man Rooster Woman

When this pairing consists of a Dragon man and a Rooster woman, he will protect her and she will serve him. They are satisfied with this arrangement, while those around them may be scratching their heads. He will be generous and spare nothing to keep her happy. In return, she fawns on him and admires him openly.

Chinese Dragon and Rooster are an unlikely pair, but they may be better suited than most people think. They share a great intelligence and are very loving. They like a deep relationship with several layers. Rooster is a calming presence. They will provide a peaceful home for Dragon. These two are great as friends, lovers or in business together.

Dragon Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The Chinese dragon and the rooster have differences that will complement each other. The dragon is passionate and enthusiastic. They will be led by their instincts. They will appreciate a cozy home to come home to at the end of the day. The rooster is detail oriented and has a traditional style. They work very well together in all aspects of love compatibility.

The dragon and rooster relationship will be affectionate because their differences will complement each other. When they are dating, they will have a good time with each other. When the male or female dragon get too excited, the male or female rooster will be able to bring them back down. Both the dragon and the rooster in love will be happy if they can both agree on what aspect of the relationship each will control. They are both equally very smart.

The male Dragon is greatly attracted by the female Roosterโ€™s exuberant sense of self, and this attraction will prove to mutual. Both Signs enjoy looking their best in each otherโ€™s company, and they will provide positive emotional reinforcement for each other. Such a relationship, based as it is upon a shared physicality, cannot fail but be sexually stimulating after hours.

The male Dragon will realize what a good catch he has made here, and hopefully this will keep him from dallying elsewhere. Should he persist in straying and get caught out, this will prove to be the only possible point upon which this romance could founder. The Rooster, for her part, will be a bit more responsible when it comes to her ability to resist temptation.

Dragon Man and Rooster Woman Love

Dragons and Roosters make good love matches, because each has something to gain from the other. Your Rooster will love the reflected attention she gets from being on your arm, and her superb intelligence and organization skills will benefit you immensely. Since you are not so good with money, your Rooster can improve your cash flow with her financial planning skills - and that just may leave enough left over for her to purchase some fine clothes!

Dragons are powerful, but get caught up in emotions and the moment, and often neglect important details. If you marry a Rooster, she will be more than happy to take care of these loose ends for you. Just be careful to let her know exactly what she needs to do, because Roosters hate doing a job over again. If you give them accurate directions, they will get it perfect the first time!

A Rooster will earn your respect with her intelligence. Although you have a tendency to break hearts as you lose interest with women, a Rooster will often stand out from other women and keep you on your toes enough to draw a true commitment out of you. If you are lucky enough to find a Rooster, you should keep her, because she will give you the support you need in both emotional and in business matters.

Since Roosters are so practical and logical, you are likely to grow used to being the stormy emotional one in the relationship. Remember that your Rooster will also have emotional vulnerabilities that need attention, and do not become frustrated with her when she needs your support from time to time. If you can remember that a relationship is not all about you all the time, you will go a long way towards perfect happiness with your Rooster mate.

If the dragon and rooster soulmates learn to accept and tolerate each other, the relationship will be more successful. They both will need to learn how to work together to make their relationship as successful as they can. The dragon rooster love match has the potential to be very happy together.

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