Dragon Man Snake Woman

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Dragon woman, she will be uncompromising and have a fiery temperament. He will be sensitive and unpredictable. He may be afraid to make decisions. He may be irresponsible. She will want her own way all the time. If they can overcome these things, they can be rather happy together.

Chinese Dragon and Snake are a good couple. They both have magnetic personalities and are drawn to each other through their charm and beauty. Snake is seductive and Dragon loves the sensuousness of Snake. They are passionate and will find ways to keep the relationship going no matter what difficulties are in the way. They respect each other greatly. They share a lot of the same intellectual interests.

Dragon Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the dragon and the snake can be very good together in love. They will need to know each other’s patterns and motivation. The dragon is more bold and full of energy. The snake is appealing in a more subtle way. They will likely find each other physically appealing.

The dragon and snake love compatibility will be excellent in a romantic relationship. The dragon and snake in bed will have a physical attraction to each other that is sexually bold. They will also have an intellectual connection.

When the dragon starts dating a snake, they will likely be attracted to each other immediately. They both are seductive and appealing but in different ways. The two Chinese astrology signs of the dragon and snake both have personalities with a lot of strength. The dragon and snake relationship can be encouraging and satisfying.

Both of these Signs share a degree of savoir-faire that will prevent any serious concerns over an occasional bid for freedom on the part of either of these vibrant lovers. The female Snake may experience a twinge of uneasiness from time to time as she considers the ramifications of the loss of her handsome consort to a rival, but her innate wisdom will allow her to keep her mouth shut and silently observe the situation.

The male Dragon will be tempted to stray, but he too knows better, and will look but not touch. Dragon pride demands first place, and the Snake will be more than happy to stay in the shadows and shun the limelight. This couple will make for a stable and mutually reinforcing emotional combination.

Dragon Man and Snake Woman Love

Like you, your Snake is accustomed to success and attention. She isn’t as flashy as you, because she has a quiet self-possessiveness that you do not. You will find her irresistible because there is a magnetic attraction between the two of you - you are both passionate lovers.

If you can share a little control with a Snake, you are likely to have a strong union. Snakes are very devoted to their mates, and her romantic passion will buoy you up and give you the confidence to succeed. It may be hard for you to admit, but your Snake might just be better at handling finances than you! You both love fine things, but a Snake will not overspend her finances, and it may be wise to take her advice!

If you love a Snake, resist all temptation to stray. Although as a Dragon you may have many admirers, do not make the mistake of forgetting about your love’s hidden fangs. Snakes are possessive in relationships, and suffer from strong jealousy. Once mistreated, a Snake will plot horrible revenge, and will not give up until she achieves it, even if it takes years. The good news is that Snakes are beautiful, powerful, smart, and seductive, so she should be able to hold your interest.

A Snake will be a wonderful partner to you, as she will make a great impression on all of your business partners. Her cool demeanour and ability to mingle with powerful people will be an asset to your goals, and the two of you are destined to be at the top. If you want a union full of passion and personal satisfaction that will also bring you even more power, it’s hard to do better than a Snake.

The dragon snake marriage can be a successful relationship if they are motivated. Both the dragon and snake soulmates can benefit from the relationship. They can both be helpful and useful to each other.

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