Goat Man

The Goat man is incapable of one night stands. For him, love is required for lovemaking. Any act of passion that is not met with some sort of emotional commitment from your partner will likely be met with rejection from the male Goat. In bed, the Goat man will neither be outstanding or lack-luster, but instead a faithful and loving companion that you can count on for a lifetime.

The Goat man is a complete and devoted family man. He makes a great parent but may be a bit heavy on the irresponsible side. Spouses may often regard the male Goat as an extra son instead of an equal parent at times. Kids however, love these characteristics. They will form a wonderful bond with the father.

All around, the Goat man is a loving, kind-hearted individual with a gentle soul and ending charisma that makes him a great friend, family member or lover.

Goat Man – Personality and Characteristics

When discussing the Goat man’s character, most astrologers are wont to show some contempt, pointing out that the native is too “feminine” and possesses too many “negative” traits. But to treat him in such a way would amount to doing him an unwarranted injustice, for his nature is double-faced, if not multi-faceted, and what is generally considered “feminine” or “negative” in his personality may very well, in the last analysis, turn out to be something highly desirable. It would be hazardous to attempt to draw a clear-cut line between his qualities and drawbacks, and in any case people generally feel an instinctive tolerance for his foibles. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that, as our paternalistic society presently stands, the Goat sign is much less unfavourable to women than to men.

The Goat male seems to have entered life with this motto: “I’m unable to take care of myself. I need other people’s support for survival. I must do everything to secure their good graces.” Throughout all his existence he will be more or less crippled by a feeling of inadequacy, show a marked degree of dependence, and seek by all means to stay on good terms with his fellow men.

Probably few would lack self-confidence as severely as the Goat male. He is at all times shy, anxious, puzzled about life, uncertain over the outcome of his moves, and worrying about what direction he would take. He could be anything you like, but definitely not an adventuresome and daring man. Anything new or unknown may inspire awe in him, and nothing would persuade him to deliberately wander off the beaten track – he is a conformist par excellence. While his prime concern is to shelter himself from life’s storms, his faintheartedness induces him to worry and adopt a fatalistic stand instead of taking positive measures to prevent or combat them. Almost never happy with his lot, he lacks equanimity and stoicism in the face of adversity, and is unable to handle an emergency with courage or meet a crisis with steadfastness.

It would be difficult in such conditions to find many natives of this sign among the world’s conquerors or leaders, or among those who nurture ambitions to move heaven and earth. Instead, the typical Goat man, always in want of maturity, is inclined to behave as a lame duck, demanding that the whole world be in charge of his welfare. This man acutely feels from his earliest years that his survival does not depend on him, but on other people as well as circumstances. It is why he is extremely susceptible to tension, disharmony, or conflict in his environment, and constantly learns to be absolutely pliable and adaptable.

As a child, he perfectly knows how to be a pet of the family – by behaving cutely and obediently. In his adulthood he conducts himself with the utmost humility and self-effacement, sensing that to keep a low figure is the best way to avoid friction and confrontation. He is ever reluctant to commit himself to a personal opinion – it is impossible to pin him down to a positive stand – or put up even a mere show of resistance. Since his main weapon in the battle of life is the good will of others, he is careful not to antagonize them in any way.

Obviously, this type is never expected to be a go-getter. Almost exclusively ruled by his feelings, he muddles through life according to the way things go. The only constant element of his comportment is inconsistency. Lacking willpower to a severe degree, he is unable to make up his mind in most circumstances. In sum, hesitation, indecision, fickleness, imprecision, and approximation are an integral part of his psychological fabric.

However, he could not be more casual about his inaptitude in life since he is able to find a profuse compensation for it in the world of his own imagination. There he is undisputed monarch and author of tremendous achievements. He simply cannot help being in the clouds; he picks his way through a tangle of daydreams which unremittingly envelops him.

It would be a gross mistake to believe he is simply an idle dreamer with no future at all. Actually, his excessive tendency to dream and daydream often presents positive aspects. Whereas he appears much of the time to be lost and bewildered, noticing nothing or doing nothing, his imagination carries him during those moments to ethereal spheres which are accessible only to him. In this way he can sometimes have visions of genius – he seems to be aware of things and events that elude the common run of people and possesses unmistakable mediumistic talents.

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