Goat Man Dog Woman

When this pairing consists of a Goat man and a Dog woman, she will be attracted at the possibility of helping this man turn his life around. He will like her high standards. She will soon despair of ever helping him accomplish anything, while he will find her criticisms hard to bear.

Chinese Goat and Dog end up arguing more than not. They are both affectionate but their emotions may get the better of them. Dog tends to be pessimistic, which is hard for Goat to bear. Dog also has very high moral beliefs which can prove frustrating for Goat. Goat is very emotional and sensitive. They can become very high strung at times and become anxious. If both parties can overcome their issues, they can have a nice relationship.

Goat Man and Dog Woman Compatibility

Although not a high likelihood, the Goat and Dog in love can find a way to work out a relationship. The Goat can be one of the most attractive and pleasant signs of the Zodiac. Traits of the Goat that make them highly attractive such as being dreamy, creative, and charming. This may prove to be in contrast to what Dogs seek in a relationship. They are more likely to be attracted to the Goat’s elegance, and their joint love of home and family.

A relationship between the Goat and the Dog is highly likely to provide a safe and secure environment as the Dog considers protection their personal responsibility. However, both must watch out for emotional insecurities and moodiness.

Both of these Signs will have a craving for new and exciting shared experiences, but the cautious nature of the female Dog will lead her to back off long before the male Goat is tired of dreaming up new schemes to implement. He can be carried away sometimes by his own extravagance, which is why she is important to his life - the Dog helps to keep the Goat’s feet in touch with the ground.

Synchronized depression can be a hazard for these two moody types, as if this occurs there will be no one to raise both of their spirits, and the resultant tandem sulk could have unpleasant divisive effects on an already tenuous situation. An effort to look on the sunny side of life could be just what the situation demands - otherwise this couple could be a wash.

Goat Man and Dog Woman Love

It can be difficult to understand love relationships. Sometimes opposites attract and sometimes people who seem exactly the same make the best partners. It all depends on compatibility and destiny. The Chinese horoscope can help you see how compatible you are with your lover. Your Chinese zodiac sign will tell you with whom you are compatible.

Goats and Dogs have many complimentary personality traits. A Dog’s logical plans of action can balance your tendency to dream the day away. A Dog can help provide your life with a little more structure and security while you will help her escape from the rut she often falls into by trying something a little more emotional and pleasurable for once. Dogs will love you unconditionally, and reassure you constantly.

Conflict comes because both you and your Dog are set in your ways. You have a habit of idle pleasure and wishful thinking, and she has a habit of hard work and a predictable routine. As long as you remember your love for each other and treat each other with respect during disagreements, you will be able to compromise without doing damage to your relationship. A Dog may find you flighty, but she needs your ability to let go of responsibility once in awhile, and she needs to remember that.

This relationship does have potential. Goats are usually "takers" and Dogs are usually "givers" so both of you can be happy in this relationship. A Dog will watch your back and take care of you, which helps because practical matters often escape you. You will help to cheer up your Dog when she is stricken with anxiety and pessimism, and she will appreciate your dreaminess and compassion then. Don’t give up on this relationship, because a little work could produce something very special.

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