Goat Man Dragon Woman

When this pairing consists of a Goat man and a Dragon woman, she will want to protect this charming man at all costs. She will soon learn that while he seems weak, he is anything but. They may end up fighting a bit, but the mysterious chemistry of love will overcome in the end.

Chinese Goat and Dragon are very different. Dragon loves the nightlife and Goat wants to stay home. If they can compromise, they may make a life together. They are both sensitive to each others’ needs and will enjoy making their home beautiful. Dragon will make Goat feel important and loved. Goat will enjoy this tremendously. They will make Dragon feel cherished and appreciated by all the small details they attend to. Goat needs to allow Dragon to be protective.

Goat Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

The differences in a Goat and dragon relationship can be complementary but some of them are bound to create conflicts. Despite the strong and fiery energy of the Dragon, they can make a great pairing with the emotional and sensitive Goat.

As brash or egotistic as they may behave, they are tempered by their warm-hearted, natural charm. They are very intelligent and giving which can be highly attractive to their romantic partner. They enjoy the limelight and being the center of attention.

The Goat is completely content to stand faithfully on the sidelines. These two Chinese zodiac signs can develop a great love compatibility wherein their differences make them truly complementary. A common love of home and family provides this couple with a deep bond.

A lack of mutual understanding can blight the chances of connection between these two Signs, unless they both learn to accept and appreciate their differences. Alliances based upon friendship and trust will be more successful than more personal ones, as female Dragons can help the shy male Goat realize the potential of his dynamic creativity.

In the realm of sexual matters, the female Dragon can’t help but be turned off by the male Goat’s sweetness - she’s looking for someone with a little more of the barbarian in his make-up. Stable Goat will be upset by the Dragon’s effect on his immediate surroundings, and will long for peace and quiet. These two Signs will not stay together for very long.

Goat Man and Dragon Woman Love

Because both of you are prone to overspending, you will need to plan your budget well and stick to it. Dragons are prone to success in business, so you may have more than enough for your little indulgences, but it is important to save for a rainy day, and you might think about investing in a financial planner. Although you have good luck, you cannot always count on happy accidents to provide for you.

This will be a very difficult relationship. The Dragon loves novelty and intense passion, and is not beyond moving from man to man in order to find that. She also loves to travel, while you prefer to stay at home. A Dragon may feel stifled and bored by your preferred lifestyle, while you are likely to find hers just plain overwhelming.

She will need to make an effort to check in with you regularly about how happy you are, and you will need to make an effort to participate in some of her more adventurous activities. With a good deal of effort on both of your parts this could work, but it is not the best match in the zodiac.

In a Goat-dragon marriage, the fiercely protective Dragon will gladly take on the guardian role for his Goat partner. In return, his partner will pamper him with lots of love and a comfortable home. This pairing has a deep love of home and family and will surround themselves with things that remind them of both. Although both do enjoy a good gathering and will make outstanding hosts, the Goat man is usually more content to spend time quietly at home.

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