Goat Man Goat Woman

Goat man and Goat woman have a natural empathy between them. They understand each other because they are as alike as two peas in a pod. Life will be wonderful until their childish nature comes into play. They can’t help it. They are oversensitive and they tend towards moodiness. Finances will be a problem for them since neither one has a way with money.

Chinese Goat and Goat are a wonderful match. They have no problems connecting on every level. With their artistic abilities and creativity, they have a lot to share. They love to work together and will build a lovely home to enjoy. They love staying home and enjoying the peace and quiet. They are both very sensitive. If they fight they are quick to forgive. They know how to make each other feel appreciated and admired. Together they can provide each other with a strong sense of security.

Goat Man and Goat Woman Compatibility

Of the Chinese zodiac, the Goat can be one of the most attractive and pleasant. Goats tend to be cultured or elegant, soft-spoken, with a love of home and family. A relationship between two Goat will be close and easy, and full of mutual emotional intimacy.

Working in favor of the Goat-Goat relationship is their ability to pick up on mood and spirit of those around them. They are attuned to emotions, allowing them to easily pick up on cues that others may miss. This gives them a unique advantage over less ‘feeling’ enlightened personalities.

These two individuals have a natural empathy with each other that allows them to communicate soul to soul, as it were. The male Goat and the female Goat understand each other’s occasional need for a bit of private dream-time, and neither will be offended if the other wishes to retire. The cerebral dimension is greatly appreciated by these two patient members of the same Sign.

Unfortunately, someone is going to have to be responsible for the practical side of life, and neither person is going to come forward and volunteer, so some sort of rotating schedule will have to be ironed out between them. If the required responsibilities can be successfully allocated without too much friction, it should be smooth sailing from that point on.

Goat Man and Goat Woman Love

People born under the sign of the Goat are the most peaceful, calm people you can find. They like to relax and revel in beauty, whether it be fine clothing or jewellery, art, or simply the beauty of nature. They detest ugliness and will be motivated to redecorate in a way that is pleasing to the mind and soul.

Goats need a supportive partner who is an expert in the art of romance. A picnic in the moonlight with flowers, fine wines and rich cheeses will steal a Goat’s heart. Romantic movies, chocolates, and all the sentimental gifts will simply knock a Goat off of her feet, and a male Goat is likely to respond to little gifts that suit his tastes, or perhaps surprises like recording the game of his favourite sports team.

The problems lay in when two Goats try to make a household run smoothly. Their love is perfect as long as they can stay in their own isolated little world, but when reality intrudes, it can be harsh. Goats do not like hard work, and they are dreamers who have a hard time focussing on making money or paying bills on time.

One of you will need to step up if you want a stable house. Although your love for each other will not fade, you will find yourselves stressed with everyday practical matters. A tastefully decorated house is less pleasant if you can’t afford the rent!

You must be careful when raising children together, as you are prone to spoiling and overindulging them. Both of you need to realize that discipline is necessary for children to be healthy and happy. As long as one of you can handle these things, this will be a very happy union.

The Goat Goat soulmates will need to be cautious, however, to not let their dreamy, emotional nature draw them too far from reality – especially when they are paired with one another. Without keeping a close eye on reality, things like finances and day to day household chores can fall by the wayside. Either or both may lack practicality and initiative.

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