Goat Man Monkey Woman

When this pairing consists of a Goat man and a Monkey woman, she finds him elusive and mysterious. Neither one take things too seriously and many issues will be laughed off. He may eventually feel she doesn’t care enough for him and she may feel he is too dependent. To succeed, they need to place each other first and give and take in the relationship on all levels.

Chinese Goat and Monkey are usually very attracted to each other. They know how to have fun together. They have a lot in common both physically and intellectually. Goat doesn’t feel shy with Monkey and will share their ideas freely. Monkey is a good listener. They are very affectionate with each other. Either sign may stray at times. Goat is very sensitive and high strung. Monkey likes to go out and have fun and isn’t tied to things as emotionally as Goat.

Goat Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

The Goat and monkey can develop a relationship provided they can find ways to use their differences to temper each other’s distinct traits. The Monkey and Goat in love may be nearly the farthest apart in their personality traits. The Monkey is a complete socialite. They have high energy and may have trouble understanding their partner’s fondness for a more leisurely pace. Much like the Horse or Dragon, they enjoy the limelight and being the center of attention. The Goat prefers the comfort of the home. They are completely content to stand faithfully on the sidelines.

The Goat and Monkey relationship’s greatest hope of love compatibility may be in the Goat’s artistic ability to dream up unique experiences. This may keep the Monkey entertained and engaged. If they can work together to develop an understanding of their differences, they may be able to remain together.

The female Monkey is sharp as a tack and uses her brainpower to more fully enjoy life, a quest to which the male Goat as partner is most suitably adapted. The two will serve to tempt each other to new experiences and pleasures, primarily related to travel opportunities.

The Monkey will easily determine the Goat’s likes and dislikes and will play upon these to get her own way most of the time, but the Goat will feel more secure because of all the attention paid to him and won’t really mind this hands-on approach to the relationship on her part. He may feel some uneasiness at her desires for independent downtime every now and then, but if the two are comfortable together it is doubtful that either would ever feel the need to disrupt their shared bliss.

Goat Man and Monkey Woman Love

If you are a Goat, you are a quiet, gentle person who keeps to himself. You prefer domestic tasks like decorating and maintaining the beauty and order of the home. You are very calm and mild-mannered. You avoid conflict, and do not hold grudges. To you, holding a grudge is a waste of energy. You enjoy to be surrounded by beauty and calm, and have a special relationship with nature.

Monkeys are tricksters that may end up breaking your heart. If you are in love with a Monkey, you may be in for a rough ride. She will be charming and seductive, and likely have you wrapped around her little finger quickly, but Monkeys crave challenge and excitement, and your domestic calm is likely to strike her as boring. She means well, but she often falls out of love as fast (or faster) as she fell in, and that only spells heartbreak for you.

A Monkey may not be able to take care of you in the way you prefer; Monkeys often need a little care themselves when it comes to prudence, especially with finances. The two of you are likely to encourage each other to spend more than you have-you on luxuries and your Monkey on investment schemes that always seem like a "sure thing" but often fizzle out.

Monkeys will shower you with romance in the beginning, and you are likely to think that you have finally found "the one" but the interest will quickly wane and you will take a backseat to other activities. In the end, this relationship is not really worth pursuing for either partner. There are better matches out there.

Although both the Monkey and Goat soulmates do enjoy a good gathering and will make outstanding hosts, the Goat is usually more content to spend time intimately at home. Over time they may be able to help their ever inquisitive lover understand the importance of family and home.

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