Goat Man Ox Woman

When this pairing consists of a Goat man and an Ox woman, it very rarely works out. He may be a bit too feminine, while she is a bit too masculine. He never knows what he wants, which drives her crazy. He spends money like water, which conflicts with her thrifty ways.

Chinese Goat and Ox really don’t get along well at all. Ox thinks Goat is flighty and eccentric, while Goat thinks Ox is rigid. Goat prefers being creative and is not that concerned about work. Ox is the exact opposite. While both prefer staying home, it isn’t enough to bring them onto a good foundation for a relationship. In rare cases, this pairing can work, but both need to be extremely committed to the other partner. Goat does appreciate that Ox is honest and dependable. Ox can learn to be more accepting from Goat.

Goat Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

Although they may at times seem like an unlikely pairing, the Chinese Ox and Goat compatibility can find success in a relationship provided they are able to see their respective differences as strengths. The strong, conservative nature of the Ox will be in sharp contrast to the dreamy, artistic attitudes of the Goat.

The Goat and Ox couple will be happy to stay at home cuddling in front of the fire as neither has a strong desire for the limelight or social scene. Both will enjoy a comfortable home. However, they will dramatically differ in what that means based on the differences in their personalities.

There will never be a lack of love in the Goat-Ox relationship, even if it is not overly exciting. They will find happiness in the solid, secure sense of family and belonging making this a stable pair. But they will have work through their differences with grace and understanding. When the Goat is dating the Ox, they will be more friends than lovers.

The male Goat is a timid soul who can only benefit from the big, bustling personality of the female Ox, full of life and twice as large. She will excel at taking care of the daily routine, which the Goat loathes. His mind will then be free to wander, and as long as he can remember to give credit where credit is due for his astonishing degree of intellectual freedom, he is home free.

The male Goat is smart enough to appreciate how good he has it with the female Ox, and she in turn will thrive beneath the grateful attentions he will lavish upon her in return. Neither should feel too threatened at the loss of a freedom that translates out to loneliness for them. These two should settle down to make a happy home for themselves posthaste.

Goat Man and Ox Woman Love

You will find a relationship with an Ox secure and reassuring, but perhaps a little boring. An Ox is willing to work very hard to provide for her family, and you will enjoy the fruits of her labors. She usually won’t mind giving you the money to spend on yourself, but she doesn’t really understand romantic gifts and doesn’t give them often. You will try to get the Ox to relax and enjoy life sometimes instead of always working away, but Oxen do enjoy working and truly don’t mind the effort.

Your Ox may get impatient with you at times. Not being inclined to either art or creativity, she may not always appreciate what you do, and can be critical. You should be willing to pitch in and do some of the "boring" work that households need, and then your Ox will be happier and feel like the relationship is more equal.

Try to stick to a schedule and respect her, and the Ox will reward you with loyalty. Oxen are not very intuitive, and you are not inclined to share your feelings, but resentments will build if lines of communication are not open. So you will need to get better at opening up and letting the Ox know what you need out of this relationship. There is no reason to be worried; Oxen are more than willing to accommodate.

The Goat and Ox marriage in general is likely to be financially stable and provide a comfortable living for the two, forecasts Chinese astrology compatibility. As long as they can work together to balance their spending, this will be a good match for the Goat who likes to indulge. The trick will be for both to find a balance in having fun as well as being practical. They will find it easy to agree when it comes to spending on good food and drink! Even in bed, the goat and ox couple will sexually complement each other.

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