Goat Man Rabbit Woman

When this pairing consists of a Goat man and a Rabbit woman, they make a charming pair. They may run their lives on a whim. He loves to flirt, and while she can usually tolerate that, if it goes too far she may get upset. They are both dreamy and artistic who thrive on emotional release. They may be a bit high strung, but since they are so good at supporting each other, this doesn’t often get in the way.

Chinese Goat and Rabbit are a great match. They are both compassionate and happy. They both are willing to give support to each other. They are a very compatible pair, offering each other lots of tenderness and passion. Both can be rather anxious, so they should get used to the idea that there will be highs and lows in their relationship. They may also end up feeding off of each others’ moods, making what was a small problem into something worse.

Goat Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

Challenges aside, the Goat and Rabbit in love with their flair for the creative and love of romance, will make a charming couple. The emotional, loving nature of the Goat man is much more likely to protect the passive, sentimental Rabbit woman from being taken advantage of. This Goat-Rabbit compatibility is likely to be a long-lasting connection because both rely on intuition and feelings. They will provide each other with a sense of love and well-being.

The female Rabbit will impress his Goat partner with his knack for remembering details about the things he loves, like his favorite song. Likewise the Goat male will delight her mate, who loves order and congruence, with her balance of elegance and loving warmth.

The Goat and rabbit relationship will not be without challenges. For example, both can be high strung and pessimistic especially when overwhelmed. When stressed or faced with conflict both can be prone to withdraw into a shell. However, the more social Rabbit may turn tail to seek comfort in their social network as an alternative to cope with stressful situations.

This may turn out to be the best of all possible matches as both of these Signs have good taste and a love of luxuries in common. The male Goat’s imaginative nature appeals to the female Rabbit’s romantic side. The Rabbit, in return, provides a safe home environment that the Goat will thrive in, by having freedom to roam his intellectual corridors at will.

Sexually these two will have many new positions to teach each other, and will never grow bored in the bedroom. In difficult times, however, neither will be able to look to the other for courage and mutual romantic support, as both are anxious creatures. This will prove to be only a slight drawback in the great scheme of things, however, and the general prognosis for these two looks good.

Goat Man and Rabbit Woman Love

As a Goat, you are very sensitive. You pick up on others’ emotions easily, and you are often moved to help when someone needs you. This leaves you a little vulnerable to scam artists, who tell you a sad story and walk away with your money. But you do help many people who genuinely need it. You need a partner who understands how sensitive you are and approaches you diplomatically to avoid hurting your feelings.

Rabbits are wise and cautious. They are prudent people who do not make decisions without thinking everything through carefully. Rabbits are not vulnerable to being tricked because they see and analyze every little detail, and miss nothing. Their natural suspiciousness protects them from being used or manipulated. Despite their sharp eyes and minds, Rabbits know how to relax and enjoy life. They also appreciate art and beauty, and they enjoy quiet evenings in the beautiful home you’ve arranged or walks through the woods.

A problem may arise if both of you find yourselves in a negative mood at the same time. Neither of you are able to comfort and reassure the other at such a time, and yet you will both desperately need such reassurance! If you choose to pursue this relationship, it is important to remain close with friends or family who could help you during such times.

If you want to have long term happiness with a Rabbit, you must be willing to compromise. Both of you are sensitive and have needs, and it is unfair to expect your Rabbit to do all the work while you enjoy yourself spending her money. Your must look inside yourself for the motivation to help out, and this will take the stress off of the Rabbit. If you both try a little compromise you can be very happy in this marriage.

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