Goat Man Rat Woman

When this pairing consists of a Goat man and a Rat woman, he is very easy going and peaceable. She can organize their lives as she wishes, but this can ultimately cause resentment because he doesn’t participate. He may be irresponsible with finances and prefers to find his inner self than work. She will be surprised by the new perspectives he can present, however.

Chinese Goat and Rat need to work at their relationship to make it a happy one. Their two personalities are very different. They both get along fine at home, but when they go out, they want to do completely different types of things. Rat likes nightclubs and dancing; Goat prefers a quiet outing in Nature. At home, Goat is happy to make it comfortable and inviting for Rat. Rat’s generosity to Goat will help allay Goat’s natural worries about how the relationship is going.

Goat Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The Goat and Rat may find themselves drawn to each other even though they are very different. The Rat is a complete socialite. They are highly attractive. The shy Goat prefers the comfort of the home. They are sensual and beautiful. They will find their articulate and expressive lover highly engaging. Much like the Horse or Dragon, the Rat woman enjoys the limelight and being the center of attention. The Goat man is completely content to stand faithfully on the sidelines. These two Chinese zodiac signs can develop a good love compatibility provided they find ways to use their differences to complement each other’s distinct personalities.

The male Goat likes a spot of calm in which to pause and reflect, and he can often remain there for far longer than is necessary. The female Rat is there to yank him back to good old terra firma against his will. The Goat is wise enough to know that he needs this sort of hands-on treatment every now and then, and will not mind being prodded into action by his prosaic counterpart.

The female Rat in turn will be pleasantly surprised by the astonishing new perspectives the Goat can provide when he lets his mind wander, and these will in turn please her pragmatic soul no end. She will therefore withhold the rough side of her tongue, unless of course she’s having a bad day. These two are circumspect enough to sweat out each other’s bad patches. The prognosis for this couple is not good, but they may be tempted to give it a try anyway.

Goat Man and Rat Woman Love

In all of the Chinese zodiac, you cannot find a gentler soul than a person born under the sign of the Goat. Although Goats are hopeless romantics, it is not always easy for them to find love. Goats need a compatible partner who will understand their habits and not judge them. Your Chinese horoscope lets you know which signs you are the most compatible with.

Both of you have pessimistic personalities. The Rat always has one eye open for danger, and you absorb the negative emotions of others too easily. The result is that you may both be moody and pensive, unable to comfort each other when you need it most.

Rats have a lot of energy and motivation, but they have a hard time focussing on a single task. Sometimes their talents are wasted because they try to do too many things at once, and spread themselves too thin. Unfortunately you are not helpful at providing focus, since you are prone to dreaminess. It is likely that everyday necessities will go undone, and the stress will tear you apart.

The Goat-Rat soulmates will need to develop a method for dealing with the collections the Rat is likely to bring home from various excursions. The Goat may see these collections as clutter or hoarding. They will need to carefully navigate through the articles. It may be difficult for them to assimilate these trinkets into their well turned out home. This will be a tough relationship to maintain and will require a lot of compromise and effort on both sides.

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