Goat Man Rooster Woman

When this pairing consists of a Goat man and a Rooster woman, she will be worried about her financial security. His irresponsibility worries her even more. They will fight over finances a lot. She will get jealous when he becomes popular in their social circle while she feels clumsy. He is very emotional and will find her rather cold. Her impatience with his moods will distress him further.

Chinese Goat and Rooster will both try really hard to make this relationship work out. Both of them may be moody and tantrums are not something new to this couple. Rooster likes order in their home. They love deeply but are not very affectionate. Goat needs affection. They feel neglected if they don’t get it. In order to make this work Rooster will often become flexible enough for Goat’s creativity to shine.

Goat Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The Goat and Rooster in love do not make a reasonably good match for each other. Traits of the Goat such as being artistic, vague, and magnetic – may prove to be in contrast to the practical nature of the Rooster. The Rooster woman will need to take time out to the “smell the roses” occasionally in order to provide some emotional connection the Goat will so crave. Likewise the Goat man or woman may need to work a little harder to be more efficient or orderly.

The difference in the zodiac personalities of the two Chinese zodiac signs could create a conflict in the Goat Rooster friendship. The goat sign may not feel emotionally fulfilled in this Goat and Rooster relationship pairing due to the utilitarian personality of their partner.

The male Goat can derive a great deal of satisfaction from waltzing about the room in the female Rooster’s shared spotlight, but in the end he will desire a greater comfort quotient than she is prepared to allow him. She is also highly unlikely to allow him equal billing past a certain point in this relationship - the old bait and switch routine.

The male Goat needs time and space to dream his dreams and put them into action, and the female Rooster will want to be on the go constantly, which will prove divisive. This basic conflict between the mental Goat and the physical Rooster is the unfortunate flaw at the heart of the gem. It is unlikely that these two will see this combination through to any sort of successful conclusion.

Goat Man and Rooster Woman Love

It is wise to find out about your own personality before committing to a romantic relationship. If you don’t understand your own strengths and weaknesses, how can you deal with another’s? Your Chinese horoscope has a lot of information about your own personality traits, and can help you see how compatible you will be with your lover. Those born under certain Chinese zodiac signs will have more luck in a relationship with those born under compatible signs.

The Goat is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. If you were born under the sign of the Goat, many people may describe you as psychic because of your uncanny ability to see what people are feeling and thinking. You sympathize with everyone, even people you don’t particularly like! You are always willing to support someone who needs a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, and you are probably well liked because of this.

Roosters are very intellectual, and she will never be ruled by emotions. The fact that you love to dream wistfully to pass the time will seem quite wasteful to her. She will want to fix your budget for you, and if you don’t stick to her plan she is likely to nag and push, which you will resent. Obviously this is not the most fruitful union. If you are determined to make it work, the Rooster will need to tone down her intensity from time to time, and respect your need to relax and just do nothing with her. The Rooster will appreciate your love and devotion, but you will need to put more effort into the relationship and be willing to work a little harder than is normally your wont.

Usually Roosters are simply too picky for your laid back lifestyle. And you are not hard working enough to be the partner of a Rooster. If the two of you are determined to make this work, it can, as long as you are willing to divide up responsibilities according to your talents.

However, a common love of home paired with neither having a desire to stray far from it will make a strong bond between them. In addition, both the Goat and Rooster soulmates like to please and they are completely content to have just a small close knit group of friends or family members nearby.

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