Horse Man

The Horse man personifies the cliché, wild stallion. He is capable and enthusiastic about sex, and is always ready to go. This can be a harmful trait however, as it may be hard for him to resist temptations and may be unfaithful to his mate. In addition to this, the male Horse will always expect forgiveness for any indiscretions he may partake in, something a lover might find quite impossible to live with.

The Horse man may have issues with money, as this is one of his last concerns in life. He is known for a healthy positive outlook on life and an outgoing hearty nature that is welcome among all. The Horse man is always well groomed and presents himself well in public. However at home; his area is usually in disarray. While many would find this chaos hard to cope with, the male Horse is quite comfortable within, and finds a ‘method to the madness’.

Horse Man – Personality and Characteristics

The Horse male could be anything you may imagine but satisfied with the immediate. He is inhabited by an irresistibly driving force that makes him constantly try to transgress the physical as well as temporal boundaries within which he finds himself. Only what lies in the future or another country is susceptible of interesting him.

All his existence, understandably, is marked with globetrotting and the crossing of frontiers, whether real or imaginary. He is known to everyone around him as the wandering, restless Horse. He can fare well only when he is elsewhere – away from his place of birth, his native country, or a region which has become too well known to him – and delights in traveling to get there without feeling any shadow of regret for what he leaves behind. He needs to be ever free to move around; there would be no unhappier person than a tied-down Horse.

This man makes an unconditional apostle of progress – the word “progress” here is understood in both its literal and figurative meanings. His philosophy of life is wholly and resolutely turned toward what lies ahead. To him, the golden age is before us, the past simply does not exist, and the present is boring to death. For this reason he is often frowned upon as a rebel, anarchist, or iconoclast. In any case he is decidedly a revolutionary – there is no such thing as a conservative Horse – and always looks for something new in every direction even if this means he must get his wings clipped in the process.

In order to preserve his freedom of movement, thought, and actions, this subject defends his independence with fierce determination. Uncompromisingly defiant of public opinion and traditions, he insists on following his own instincts, even to the point of rashness. As a child, he is already reputed as a turbulent, self-willed enfant terrible and has extremely tense relations with his parents and teachers. As soon as he is able to strike out on his own, he breaks away with a light heart from all family ties and influence. The Horse male is generally not much appreciated in Asian and other societies where the cult of the family is particularly strong and family loyalty revered as a major virtue, for he refuses to let himself be imprisoned – he is most casual about his immediate family and loves his relatives only from a safe distance.

Not rarely does this man even wish to be able to overstep the limits of his own person, becoming someone else – less imperfect, wiser, more likeable, better loved – or being born in another era. But this always remains a simple wish, which connotes his usual dissatisfaction with the status quo, and never threatens to degenerate into a fantasy.

In many ways the Horse male is quite a remarkable man. His optimism and enthusiasm, for instance, are matchless qualities. Essentially an extravert, he never allows himself to indulge in brooding, moodiness, or self-pity. Nothing can wear down his fighting confidence and blind faith. He gives the impression he can succeed in most of his undertakings. His adversaries are prone to say he is favored by chance; but this chance is unquestionably brought about by his firm belief in the value of his efforts and in final victory.

Enthusiasm, hot-bloodedness, ebullience, and an eternal youthfulness of spirit are the legendary hallmarks of this individual. His fertile mind and active body always operate at high speeds. To him, life is a fascinating adventure, and, curious about everything, he feels an unspeakable excitement for each new experience. If he often stays up late, it is because he is more or less consciously afraid he might miss something of the grand spectacle of existence. Keen on making the most of his potential, he is always ready to take up all challenges that offer themselves to him. He puts all of himself in every venture, displaying extremely high motivation and dedication.

He is a dreamer in his own way since he never loses touch with reality and has the ability to make his dreams to come true. Wishful thinking, apathy, and laziness have no place in his comportment. What he wants, he works relentlessly to get it – no question for him to slacken his vigilance and efforts so long as his objective has not been achieved.

Selfish the male Horse certainly is and never bothers to conceal it. But his selfishness is moderate and reasonable – he would not go so far as to step on other people’s toes in order to carry out his ambitions. On the contrary, no one could deny his abundance of idealism. He needs a lofty cause, noble goals, and transcendent aspirations in order to function adequately and show what he is capable of: Life would seem deadly boring without them, and their absence would plunge him into the darkest depths of depression. He always manages to find something worth fighting for and devotes all his time and energy to it. He finds blase people and those with a feeling of futility utterly beyond his comprehension.

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