Horse Man Dog Woman

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and a Dog woman, the relationship may be problematic. Neither one is truly domestic. They each will have their own ambitions and goals. Her conservative goals will clash with his desire to spend money on adventures. He won’t understand her highs and lows, and must learn to be understanding if this is to last. They tend to feel trapped if the other person in the relationship expects too much. If they can overcome these issues, they will find they are a good match. They are both very affectionate with one another.

Chinese Horse and Dog will do very well together as long as they both have their own space. For some people there is such a thing as seeing too much of each other, and this couple belongs in this group. Dog loves the quiet life. They tend to get a little pessimistic at times, but they are trustworthy no matter what. Dog does not trust easily, and if Horse tends to let their eye wander, Dog will be devastated. Horse likes to go out and have fun.

Horse Man and Dog Woman Compatibility

Those born under the signs of the Chinese zodiac signs horse and dog are actually one of the easier matches. Anyone in a relationship with a horse usually has to show some compromise and understanding. The traits of these two fit together so well that very often what would push others away only seem to make them stronger together.

The dog will have issues with mood swings sometimes, but this is something that doesn’t bother the horse. The horses can also be prone to having mood swings, so they will inherently understand when the dogs exhibits the same behavior. The horse and dog in love tend to make a very easygoing couple together. They have a lot of fun together and the individual signs tend to be pretty cheerful and contented. They aren’t very domestic, both preferring to instead be out with friends and each other.

The extremely sociable male Horse finds a good and reliable helpmeet in the loyal female Dog, to stand by him through thick and thin. The shy and unassuming Dog is happy to let the Horse steal the spotlight, and she will allow him to blaze new trails without interference from home - she may even be willing to follow at a distance along freshly explored ground.

The female Dog combines a streak of pessimism with a realistic approach to life’s problems - indeed the two might be said to be one and the same - and this can come in handy when the Horse gets himself into yet another awkward scrape. As long as she doesn’t get tired of pulling his chestnuts out of the fire for him from time to time, the female Dog should be more than content with the haven she has found.

Horse Man and Dog Woman Love

Horses and Dogs balance each other well in relationships. You will encourage her to step out of her safety zone and make new friends once in awhile, and she will teach you that you can enjoy life even if you stop galloping for a few minutes! Her pessimism will help keep you safe, and your emotional intuition will help her learn to take a few chances. She will be great at handling domestic details, and you will work hard to turn opportunities into successes.

The only problem that may crop up is your wanderlust. You may feel a little trapped if your Dog doesn’t let you wander a little, and get out for some fun. If you feel too stifled, boredom may set in and your wandering eye could lead you astray. You do not want to do this, because it will deeply offend your Dog’s sense of loyalty, and you will soon realize that her bite is worse than her bark! Dogs don’t forgive deep wounds easily. If you love her enough to truly commit yourself, you will stop yourself from straying in order to keep the wonderful love the two of you have, and this will be a union with great potential.

The horse and dog soulmates still need to maintain their own areas and independence. They are both active and expressive individuals. They both will find happiness in this love compatibility pairing. The dog will routinely observe the horse’s instincts and will find their understanding and perception impressive.

Out of any other Chinese zodiac sign that might fit with the horse, the horse dog marriage will provide balance to each other. The horse man will push the dog woman to take more risks and be more active in their mutual social life. On the other hand, the dog woman will be willing to show the horse man that it isn’t necessary to always be out and about.

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