Horse Man Dragon Woman

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and a Dragon woman, she wants to tame her man. He doesn’t want to be tamed, however... he wants to be in charge. There may be a struggle of wills. If they can overcome this, they will enjoy each other. These two are fun loving, stimulating and have a great social life. Horse may be a bit insecure, but Dragon should be able to help on that issue.

Chinese Horse and Dragon have a lot in common. Both believe in love at first sight and can easily form a mutual admiration society between the two of them. Horse loves Dragon’s passion and excitement. Dragon loves Horse’s caring and strength. They will love going on adventures together in exotic locales. They are often the center of attention. Neither will feel jealous of the others’ ability to attract people. They may have times where they get moody and argue.

Horse Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

While the horse and dragon Chinese zodiac signs pair up, it might not be the best or most ideal union. But they do have the potential to make it work. As in most relationships, compromise and understanding helps improve the horse-dragon compatibility. They have some similarities that go nicely together instead of pushing them apart and also seem to balance each other at the same time.

Those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the dragon are very self-assured. Horses will appear to have the same quality but they actually suffer from an inferiority complex. However, the secure, compassionate dragon can help them overcome this complex. With time, both can help each other become stable and positive.

The Chinese zodiac horse and dragon compatibility can be fun and exciting. They’re very entertaining together and are both lively and inspiring towards the other. They are most equal on the planes of intelligence and friendship. They share similar levels of vitality and both love having a good time. Both of these Chinese zodiac signs tend to be restless, although the horse feels this more extremely than the dragon does.

Both the male Horse and the female Dragon share a supreme zest for the game of being, and they will only serve to augment and amplify each other in the quest for new diversions. They may be able to lose themselves completely in the magic of the moment. But they are bound to wake up together eventually, and then it’s time to sort things out.

The demand of the emotions may exhaust these two before they’re ready to give up their considerable independence in favor of a relationship. Any relationship at all at this point may be too much, too soon - it won’t be anything personal. Both of these Signs require admiration verging on worship, and neither will be quick to provide it for the other. The resultant ego conflicts will tear this couple that never was apart at the seams.

Horse Man and Dragon Woman Love

If you are in love with a Dragon, know that she will be proud. You are actually much alike, in that you both love the challenge of life and throw yourself into deep water without looking. The two of you usually find success, but when you fail it can be devastating because you take risks without looking at the details. You are likely to have a lot of fun together travelling and having adventures, but you may find yourselves jostling for the spotlight, as you are both used to being in it!

Your love and support will buoy the Dragon, and you are likely to have good chemistry in the bedroom. When it comes to settling down, however, there may be issues. Both of you are prone to stray in your youth, and may have to wait a little longer before committing. Your Dragon may have a hard time admitting that of the two of you, you are likely to be better at finances and so should handle the household budget. It is very difficult for a Dragon to relinquish control. Also, even though success seems to come to the both of you, your lack of attention to detail will make it difficult to run a smooth household, especially if you have children.

Compromise will keep you having fun and prevent fighting. Supporting each other in adhering to at least a loose schedule will provide stability for the children if you decide to have them, and keeping different groups of friends and interests will allow each of you to have your own spotlight. This is actually a very workable relationship with just a little bit of effort.

The horse and dragon soulmates can keep each other around longer than another sign could for either one of them. They have a knack for keeping each other contented and satisfied. Their relationship is noteworthy and changes rapidly while dating. They both exhibit a drawing power and their attraction is likely to be instantaneous. The horse-dragon marriage compatibility will be strongest when both of them are able to experience change and independence as they both desire them highly.

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