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Two Horses together should focus on travel and adventure. This may help keep them interested in each other. They can build a good relationship as long as they keep the excitement alive. They both understand each others’ need for space. Both partners are prone to temper tantrums and moodiness. They both want the spotlight, and each will have to deal with their jealousy when the other is getting all the attention. This is a very stimulating partnership as long as both partners are willing to work at it constantly. They need to keep things exciting and new to maintain their long term interest.

Chinese Horse and Horse are drawn to each other very strongly. They both love adventure and are charmed by the others’ good looks. They both enjoy a relationship with some freedom. Neither one has a problem if one needs some space. They understand. The moodiness Horses are known for may get in the way occasionally. One may feel overshadowed at times if they feel the other gets more indulgences. If they feel bored or trapped, either one may feel like running away. If they can overcome these obstacles, they may have a joyful relationship.

Horse Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

Like the animal, those born under the Chinese sign of the horse are often very active individuals. They are passionate about travel and are even sometimes called the wanderers of the Chinese Zodiac. So, is it possible for two horse soulmates to find long-lasting love? Can two nomadic personalities travel the course together? Will the urge to travel ultimately send them down opposing paths? For two people so much alike, what kind of obstacles will they have to overcome to be together forever?

The great thing about two horses in love with each other is that they immediately recognize a deep bond. They see the similarities in each other and the tendencies to wander and feel restless. They are kindred spirits and often experience an instant and outright interest. Because horses are generally fun loving, not to mention bright and lively, the Horse Horse relationship together can typically mean just an extra dose of good times.

The shared energy of the male and the female Horse in tandem will be enough to keep either of them from worrying about intangibles such as the future of their relationship - they’ll be too busy having fun. Their passion will overflow into all areas of their lives, from sex in the bedroom to work at the office, and both will be the better for their strong emotional outpouring.

They do need to learn to pay more attention to each other, however, as both are very self-centered and need to learn to recognize the importance of the other. Being Horses, both are fairly cheerful about life and not quick to take offense, so there is some built-in resilience in this combination. These two will create and sustain a fairly workable relationship.

Horse Man and Horse Woman Love

In love, Horses are impulsive and passionate. Horses can find themselves getting hurt because they jump into a relationship before testing the waters. Horses make very devoted lovers…for a time. As a Horse, you will tend to give up everything for your lover, and be intense and passionate, but unfortunately you lose interest quickly, as well.

Horses are actually prone to "on again, off again" relationships, because just when you think they’ve lost interest in someone, here they are again, proclaiming undying love! Really, a Horse is just running around so fast he doesn’t quite know what he wants when it comes to love.

Despite a Horse’s troubles in love, two Horses can actually be quite happy together. They will always be seeking new adventures, and can keep each other entertained. You may be flighty in your love interests and have trouble staying with just one woman, but since Horses aren’t jealous or possessive, your love will not mind.

In fact, she will be the same way, so you may be able to agree on a more casual relationship that still has all the passion of an intense love affair. If the two of you are both accepting of a dramatic, whirlwind relationship, it will likely suit the two of you just fine. This is a perfect match for a long distance relationship where neither partner is much concerned about what the other does when you are apart.

You may have a problem if you decide to have a family with a Horse, since neither of you will be good at taking care of small domestic details. Your dislike of routines and schedules creates a fun, hectic environment that others find exhausting, and that is really not stable enough for children.

If you and another Horse decide to have a passionate on and off relationship, it may be best to remain childless. That’s not to say that two very determined Horses couldn’t settle down enough to have a family-you would just both have to work hard to curb your wild natures. All in all, it is possible for two Horses to be happy together in love.

The feelings between two horses in a marriage often are mirror images of each other. A strong attraction will beget a strong attraction. However, a high percentage of love compatibility can’t stop stress from entering the relationship. There are various personality obstacles to overcome. Yet, if they can find inner peace, both of them, together, it is entirely possible for them to settle down and enjoy a long, happy relationship. Finding inner peace allows them to slow their wanderlust and appreciate more of what they have.

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