Horse Man Monkey Woman

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and a Monkey woman, they can develop a deep loyalty and devotion for each other. He will appreciate her self-reliance. She loves his balanced views and understanding. They may get so busy with their own lives however that there is very little time to spend together. She may feel neglected and he may find it irritating to deal with her moodiness.

Chinese Horse and Monkey are destined to have a great deal of fun. They are both energetic and charming. Unfortunately, their happiness is usually short lived. Neither sign is known for their longevity in a relationship. Monkey always has their eyes peeled for something new and Horse gets bored easily. If they can resist the temptation to move on, they may find out that they are actually well matched. Monkey is entertained by Horse’s moodiness. Horse seldom feels trapped with Monkey.

Horse Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

Similar personality traits can generally work towards helping a couple be more compatible. However, there are several times when being too alike can be a bad thing. A horse and monkey relationship seems to one of the latter. When the horse is dating the monkey, it might seem like fun in the beginning, odds are they are going to burn out very quickly. But there are those who can make it even with the odds against them. Is there any hope for a romance between a Horse and Monkey in love?

The male Horse is a creature of company, requiring hordes of semi-intimate friends in order to feel completely at his ease. The female Monkey can share in this grueling social whirl, but only up to point - she must have some amount of the Horse’s time all to herself in order to feel properly appreciated and loved. If he can’t provide that time, she’ll be more than happy to find someone else who will.

It’s a matter of clear communication between these two - the Monkey will have to force her needs through the wall of the male Horse’s limited attention span. P’s and Q’s must be minded to avoid offense. These two very different Signs will have the ability to remain together, but they will only get out of this relationship what they manage to put into it.

Horse Man and Monkey Woman Love

Horses and Monkeys don’t tend to have much luck together. No matter how much you romance your Monkey (and she will enjoy it!) she isn’t likely to trust you; tricksters don’t trust anyone! Even if your Monkey is madly in love with you and is not just manipulating you for some scheme of hers, you both tend to lose interest in lovers fairly quickly. You may have some wonderful passion both in and out of the bedroom, but without some serious compromise and commitment from both of you, the relationship is likely to fizzle as you both get bored and move on to other things.

If you are older, you may have a greater chance at a successful relationship. Both Horses and Monkeys are more inclined to commit themselves to one partner as they get older and leave the impulsiveness of youth behind. You will each have more self-control, and be less likely to stray out of boredom than you were in your youth. You are both social creatures, and are likely to enjoy socializing together, no matter what stage of life you are in. Horses and Monkeys can make great friends, but it takes work for them to settle down and make a home together.

To sum it all up, the horse and monkey as soulmates both change and adapt quite easily. They are warm, self-sufficient, and rational. They can certainly conquer any challenges they face, if they so choose. Since many of their traits don’t necessarily mesh very well, their relationship takes quite a bit of work. On the contrary, in bed, the horse and monkey are sexually most compatible. If they they want to make this Chinese zodiac love match work, they are going to have to learn to be less self-absorbed as individuals and work more towards being a couple and working together.

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