Horse Man Ox Woman

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and an Ox woman, the difficulties can be very hard to overcome. They make excellent friends; it is just difficult for them to live together. They may end up being one of those couples that fought like cats and dogs while married, yet once they are divorced end up lunching together on a regular basis.

Chinese Horse and Ox make excellent business partners, but as a pair they are not without problems. They have two different ways of looking at life. Ox prefers to stay home and create a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, while Horse wants adventure. This can be extremely frustrating for both. If they are truly committed, they may make it work, but it will require Horse to learn to love quieter environments and Ox needs to open up for the occasional adventure.

Horse Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

They say opposites attract, but is this true for the horse and ox compatibility? Alike in some ways and polar opposites in others, is there enough potential for them to settle down together? Can a careful ox tame the wild nomadic horse and show them the value of what they already have at home?

Though there are some differences between the horse and ox soulmates, if they can discern why the other has the qualities they do, these two have a real chance of making it work. Their opposites can actually be complementary as long as they know how to communicate. A big issue in the horse-ox friendship is that there is the possibility that either one could grow testy or become bothered by the other one’s traits. Both are bluntly opposed by nature.

The male Horse will be a bundle of untamed passion and desire, and keep the female Ox’s emotional hands full, to coin a phrase. The female Ox needs a more peaceful climate, and will not pt up for long with chasing after her dilettante would-be partner. She’ll have a few thrills in the beginning, but these two Signs will disagree vehemently on when is the proper time to go home after the party’s over.

These disagreements are bound to become audible sooner or later. Finally, the male Horse will grow bored with the entire situation and leave in search of a more entertaining atmosphere, leaving the female Ox to clean up the mess he’s left behind. Recriminations may persist long after these two have called it quits.

Horse Man and Ox Woman Love

If an Ox has caught your eye, it may be best to move on. The two of you are simply like oil and water. You many think that her steady dependableness is just what you need, you may be right, but you are simply too different. Her lack of willingness to ever do a single spontaneous thing will drive you crazy, and she will see you as a foolish person who doesn’t care about consequences. Oxen take a long time to make up their minds about potential relationship partners, and by the time you win her over, you will probably have lost interest and moved on to someone else.

Horses and Oxen might make better business partners, since the Horse can make creative decisions and the Ox can be responsible for details like meeting deadlines. In love, these two are just not that compatible. You will find the Ox boring and unwilling to have fun, and she will think you are unreliable and perhaps even a little ridiculous; the way you wear your heart on your sleeve.

The horse-ox compatibility will be difficult due to their opposite natures. The deliberate ox will want to put down roots and have a family. The horse is full of wanderlust and will have no interest in doing these things, at least not at first. They are sensible, but irritated over their partner’s inattention after the dating phase is over.

Chinese astrology compatibility says that in the horse and ox marriage, you can expect a lot of fireworks due to their different natures. Even in bed, the ox will try to dominate the horse, who will not want to be stuck to one partner. This could even lead to the breakup of their relationship. The only way this horse ox relationship can make it is if they accept each other for who they are.

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