Horse Man Pig Woman

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and a Pig woman, he will gain quite a bit while she loses a lot. This will equal out as the years go by. She is vulnerable and suffers greatly to put up with his adventuring. He won’t pay much attention to her domestic skills. She won’t understand his need for freedom.

Chinese Horse and Pig are a passionate couple. They have a lot of fun together. If they tend to focus on each others’ negative qualities, they won’t last long. These two really enjoy being in love. They are very affectionate with each other. If things get boring however, Horse will start looking for something new. This makes things hard for Pig. What Pig loves best may make Horse feel trapped. Pig may also be a bit lazy, which frustrates Horse who is always on the move. They both do like socializing.

Horse Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

While the Horse and Pig are very different, their differences can definitely complement each other. They can be each other’s rock and boost their partners in life and love. Thus the Horse Pig compatibility can get better with a few adjustments. The problem ultimately comes with if they are both mature enough to realize the other’s wants and needs and work towards developing a deeper understanding of their love compatibility. Can a horse and pig in love settle down and find happiness?

Horses will frequently need to invoke some understanding on their part to make their relationships successful. A relationship between a horse and a pig is no different. They can make a very successful pair if they both invest in realizing the diversity that they hold in their traits. This could require some additional work from both and definitely some patience, but it is entirely doable.

The male Horse is very fond of the accurate portrayal of his strong emotions, and these shall meet with enthusiastic reciprocation in the female Pig, who admires and respects candor in her chosen mate. The two are very fond of shared celebrations, and the Pig will never usurp the spotlight from the vain Horse, who needs to be the center of attention.

The inherent selfishness of the Horse can prove to be a bit frustrating for the ever-patient Pig, especially when he manages to forget occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, but overall she will continue to regard him with the same frustrated affection as that a mother might lavish upon a wayward child. Oblivious as the Horse is to condescension, these two should get along well together.

Horse Man and Pig Woman Love

If you have fallen in love with a Pig, you should know that Pigs are just as fond of socializing as you. You may have noticed a female Pig at all the same parties as you, although Pigs are not found in the spotlight. Pigs are great friends, listeners, and supporters, and they will always be found just to the side of any drama, supporting the main players and trying to achieve peace.

You will never find Pigs at the center of the drama themselves, as they hate conflict. Pigs will take a long time to reach decisions, weighing all the pros and cons carefully, and then will work hard at a project until it is done. You may admire the Pig’s steadiness, which is something you yourself lack. Pigs are not stupid, but they are gullible. They are so trustworthy themselves that it never occurs to them to doubt others.

A Pig is a great partner for a Horse. You love attention, and a Pig will shower you with it. You love to socialize, and a Pig will be happy to go along. She will support you, and help you finish projects you would be tempted to cast aside. You need to be careful that you don’t break a Pig’s heart. Unlike her, your passions tends to wax and wane as you become distracted by other things, or even other women.

If you curb that tendency, you will find this union to be a good one. The Pig will keep you from galloping straight into things without thinking, and you will help her to seize opportunities instead of thinking about them for so long that they get away. If you remember that your Pig deserves attention sometimes as well, and that the relationship cannot always be about you, you have a chance at long lasting happiness. As long as the horse and pig soulmates can each reciprocate the other’s consideration and realization, they will both have the ability to develop as a couple and as individuals.

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