Horse Man Rabbit Woman

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and a Rabbit woman, they stand a good chance of success. She will let him take charge of making decisions and be the perfect housewife. His confidence and liveliness will help her release her anxieties. They may fight over finances. He may become jealous. In order for this relationship to work, Horse needs to learn how to focus on the relationship and Rabbit needs to learn how to do things on their own. If they can do this, they will have a nice life together.

Chinese Horse and Rabbit have different expectations out of life. This may make a close relationship between them difficult. Horse loves a good time but really isn’t into commitment. They may consider Rabbit’s love of home to be boring, unusual and stifling. Rabbit wants a relationship full of support and love. They need a partner who can bolster them up. Horse’s need for independence can make Rabbit feel abandoned.

Horse Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

Can the horse and rabbit compatibility work? Can a horse deny their independence and commit to giving a rabbit what they so desperately need? Can rabbits learn to be their own support system and recognize the need for the horse to be independent? Can the two come to an understanding that enables them to be the best they can with each other and provide the other with what they need all around?

The Chinese Horse zodiac sign people have a tendency for changing their mind quite suddenly. This tends to alienate relationships of all kinds, whether friendly or romantic. Their astute, sharp, seductive nature makes it easy to enjoy being around them. Their flighty nature means they don’t typically stick around for extended periods of time, preferring to move on to something new.

The Chinese astrology sign rabbit tend to be quite beloved and have a large group of family and friends. They are defensive of those they love and very benevolent people. However that sentimentalism can lead to them glorifying relationships. The rabbit man or woman, who is kind and emotional, will give more than it takes in a way that is not ideal.

The male Horse and the female Rabbit are capable of a great deal of shared affection. The Horse is a very physical Sign, and will serve to protect and titillate the Rabbit to no end, thus satisfying her great need for a secure and happy home life, as well as regular dosages of sex. The Rabbit in turn will provide the Horse with a safe haven in which to recharge his batteries after his vibrant assaults on life.

The male Horse’s raging passions will serve to boost the female Rabbit’s fragile ego. Good examples abound here, if eyes will only be opened and see. These two widely disparate characters are very good for each other, and they should stick together as long as they can stand the taste of each other’s beneficial medicine.

Horse Man and Rabbit Woman Love

If a Rabbit has caught your eye, you may admire her cautious nature. Caution is something you just can’t quite get the hang of! Of course, she might have won you over with her sweet, charming ways! Rabbits are intelligent, but they prefer to be calm and quiet. Rabbits hate conflict, and can smooth it over quickly and easily.

A Rabbit is well-mannered, and doesn’t speak harshly of anyone. Rabbits can be moody, and they need mates who are optimistic and supportive. If you challenge a Rabbit and push her beyond her endurance, she will flee, and likely avoid you forever after that. Rabbits are not fighters, and if her natural diplomacy fails her, she will resort to running away.

Since you are naturally intuitive, you may make a good partner for a Rabbit. Likely you will be able to sense it before you push her too far. Horses are natural optimists and are usually willing to support Rabbits in times of anxiousness or moodiness. If you love a Rabbit and want to keep her, you will step out of the spotlight to lift her mood when she needs it. Rabbits need to feel safe and may not like it when you throw yourself from one project to another, but as long as you have enough energy to reassure her, everything will work out. In turn she will unfailingly be there in your moments of doubt, even though those moments are few and far between.

You may occasionally feel that your Rabbit is being too cautious, just as she may feel that you don’t care about her feelings if you decide to gallop into yet another project without consulting her. But if the two of you keep communicating and remember to keep the other’s feelings in mind, you have a good chance at a long, supportive relationship.

The horse-rabbit relationship will only work if each person can learn to adapt to the other. Both could theoretically find each other unbearable. While one prefers, the other is constantly moving about. These two might not be able to find balance just because of their divergent personalities.

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