Horse Man Rat Woman

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and a Rat woman, they may feel a powerful connection at first, but they are too different. She gets no security and will be treated as a possession. Negativity will rule all, and violence may occur in some situations.

Chinese Horse and Rat are probably one of the worst pairings in the Chinese zodiac. They are completely opposite in how they approach a relationship. Rat wants to be affectionate and chummy while Horse likes their independence and considers too much affection to be a sign of clinginess. With too much attention, Horse will begin to feel trapped. When this happens they want to run away and be free. They will get impatient and argue. This makes Rat feel unappreciated or taken advantage of, which leads to resentment.

Horse Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The odds are against the Chinese horse and rat compatibility from the start. Not even the horse’s winning charm and seduction can keep the rat won over for very long. This couple will undoubtedly have a long road ahead if they want to make it work. At that point, there still isn’t a guarantee the horse-rat friendship will work out and be worth it in the end. If nothing else, maybe these two can learn something about themselves and compromise along the way.

The Horse and Rat relationship is one of the most interesting in the Chinese Zodiac. While being alike in some respects, in others they are completely different. Bickering is almost constant with the two of them. They both have a somewhat sociable nature, a bright wit, and a strong desire for continual piquancy. But in bed, the horse-rat couple might not be ready to please the other.

The male Horse and the female Rat share a penchant for strong emotion, and they will sweep each other off their feet in no time at all. This mutual ecstasy will begin to pall after awhile, and the female Rat will soon become leery of investing so much in her fickle partner without any indication of a firmer commitment.

This will upset the male Horse, but whether he will do the right thing and concentrate upon reassuring his partner remains to be seen. He will be unable to dissemble, being an essentially honest person and unable to fool the devious Rat in any case. He may decide to seek elsewhere for more convivial company, and if this occurs, the female Rat will not be unduly upset at his departure. It may not be viable for these two.

Horse Man and Rat Woman Love

If you’ve fallen for a Rat, it’s important to understand how she sees the world. Rats love parties as much as you do and for awhile you will be very happy and entertained together. Rats are devoted to their families, and keep secrets well-but only if those secrets are their own! You may find yourself upset with how many things your Rat keeps to herself, because you prefer honesty (even brutal honesty) and wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Even though Rats do like to socialize and have fun, they do not strike out without a plan. Your tendency to throw yourself in too deep without looking first or bothering with details will eventually get on a Rat’s nerves. She is a pessimist and will always know every detail so that she can avoid being backed into a corner. If your reckless schemes put her routines and plans in danger she will resent it.

Rats are phenomenal to have around during a crisis. You simply can’t rattle them, and their logical brains work at high capacity even when everyone is panicking. If you do bite off more than you can chew (as you have a tendency to) you will enjoy having a Rat around, but she may get impatient if she is always rescuing you. In addition, you are likely to brush off her warnings before you take risks, which could make her feel ignored and undervalued.

Your inability to focus on practical details makes your household chaotic. In contrast, a Rat wants her home to be happy, safe, and secure. If you have children together, she will not appreciate your sudden absences while you pursue your latest scheme. It will frustrate her that you do not settle down and focus on what she sees as being important.

This is not the best match, and requires a lot of compromise to make it work. You will need to think of your Rat partner before yourself sometimes, and be willing to focus on priorities, even if you must force yourself sometimes. In return, the Rat does need to lighten up and understand your urge to gallop off into the sunset once in awhile. This union is likely to be passionate, and will require a lot of self-control from both parties.

Chinese astrology love compatibility suggests that if they still wish to make an attempt at creating a meaningful connection, the rat must recognize a horse’s desire for independence does not mean they do not value their relationship. Likewise, the horse has to recognize a relationship includes two people, not just one, and that both people matter. The best thing the horse and rat compatibility can strive for is give and take, coupled with consideration for each other.

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