Horse Man Rooster Woman

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and a Rooster woman, he will be flattered by the attention. She is very possessive and he sees this as proof of her affection. As time goes by he will feel depressed by this attention. She hates risky situations and he loves adventure. They can help each other. Horse can get Rooster to take it easy and enjoy life. Rooster can offer stability to Horse.

Chinese Horse and Rooster have a lot of passion between them. This passion can turn into a nice foundation that leads to a long happy life together. Rooster is a bit of a perfectionist and tends to be rather pessimistic. They will take care of Horse the way Horse wants to be cared for. They may tend to be a bit of a nag, though when things are not running perfectly. Horse is far from a perfectionist and they tend to lose interest in things quickly.

Horse Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

Can opposites really attract? Can a serious rooster find lasting love with a fun-loving free spirited horse? Can either one adapt and adjust to a partner so very different from themselves? Just how compatible are the horse and rooster in love? How much work is in store for a couple born under these Chinese astrology signs?

The horse and rooster relationship has a good chance of being successful. They have some traits that would seem to contradict each other, but as it turns out work very well together. The erratic tendencies of a horse seem in direct contrast with the rooster’s demanding perfectionism. Yet the one’s adaptability and the other’s talent for stifling their nagging urge makes these two work quite well. The horse and rooster soulmates will inevitably have a real intelligent connection and can keep each other intellectually coming back for more.

These two make excellent mate material. The male Horse is brash and outgoing, and a superbly physical creature. The female Rooster is very conscious of her appearance, and places great value upon that of others - she will be more than happy to appear on the arm of so luscious a prospect.

The Rooster will also find the Horse’s non-cerebral approach to life charmingly uncomplicated, as it allows her to lead him around by the nose and thereby assert pride of place in this cozy couple, without him even knowing where he stands in this split-level emotional hierarchy of two. These fundamentally body-conscious people will get along well together, and would be hard pressed to find better company to keep in the long run.

Horse Man and Rooster Woman Love

Both you and your Rooster will be very blunt with each other at times. Luckily, you will each understand that the other merely values honesty, and is not trying to be hurtful. It is likely that you admire your Rooster’s care of her appearance, and her intelligence. She is likely to admire how hard you work, although your inability to keep a schedule will irritate and sometimes infuriate her.

It is best if the two of you compromise; you will have to try harder to keep schedules, and she will have to learn to loosen up sometimes. Both of you have big goals, and she will be able to help you with details while you will supply the heart and brute energy.

Roosters have trouble admitting that they are wrong, so you should be sensitive to this if you want to avoid fights! Your Rooster is likely to admire the way you have with money, as Roosters respect others who can keep budgets the way they can. Overall, you two will balance each other well with a little compromise.

In Chinese horoscope, the horse man and rooster woman can be seen forming what some would call an irrational but working union. The extravagant horse woman might find the prospect of being linked to a straight-laced rooster man with plans for a quiet life an impossibility to accept. When it comes to marriage between horses and roosters they will have difficulty understanding each other.

Outsiders listening in will realize quickly that the horse and rooster breakup might be on the cards. They will frequently have issues staying on the same viewpoints or even looking in the same direction. What is necessary for the horse rooster love compatibility to be successful is to desire a personality that is a contrast to their own. They also must find common ground and have an interest that will keep both of them invested for the long haul, together.

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