Horse Man Snake Woman

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and a Snake woman, it will normally begin as a whirlwind romance. It is brief and intense, and ends with the agreement of both parties. Despite his lack of jealousy normally, he can’t help feeling jealous. Her sex appeal drives him crazy. He won’t understand her moods or the aggression that appears when she doesn’t get her way. Horse needs some freedom. Snake needs one on one attention. If they both get what they want, they will be content. They may argue a lot.

Chinese Horse and Snake are not overly compatible. They may be physically attracted to each other, and Horse initially makes Snake feel desirable. Snake loves this because underneath they are insecure. Horse will quickly lose interest, however. Snake prefers long relationships, so this just adds to their insecurity and jealousy. This makes Horse feel trapped and they are soon on the run. In order to make this a lasting relationship, each sign needs to learn to accept the other for who they are.

Horse Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac horse and snake compatibility is yet another relationship with a strong tendency towards opposites. It could be simply another case of not understanding the other’s needs or it could be more that. There is a miscommunication issue that doesn’t give them a fair chance. Either way, putting in some work could show some real payoff in a satisfying horse-snake relationship.

Those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the horse are naturally energetic individuals. They love to travel and are very much loners a lot of the time. They need nearly continual activity to feel satisfied and due to this tend to be far more unsettled than the snakes. They tend to regard their partner’s more lush way of life as being apathetic or careless.

The male Horse is not the most sophisticated personality to ever come down the pike, and will be swept away at the bat of the female Snake’s enticing eyelash. She can play him like a piano, and even if he knows this, he won’t care - he’s getting more than he could ever have imagined in her sparkling wit and sinuous body.

Horses may not be rocket scientists, but they are practiced hedonists and know exactly what they like. The Snake in turn is more than happy to give the Horse free rein once in a while - it’ll give her the peace and quiet that she craves. If she ever gets fed up with his antics, a moment to pause and reflect will remind her that she is unlikely to find a more tractable lover anywhere else. These two make a good pair.

Horse Man and Snake Woman Love

Your incredible honesty is in your favor if you are pursuing a Snake. She will respect your honest words, even if they are unfavorable to her. She is cool, calculating, and suspicious, so one false step can ruin your courtship. She doesn’t mind that you wear your heart on your sleeve; she chooses to do just the opposite, but it doesn’t hurt your chances at a successful relationship.

A Snake is self-possessed enough to let you do your own thing. She doesn’t need to be by your side all the time, and prefers to let you attend parties yourself, because idle gossip is not for her. Snakes don’t really have any weaknesses or flaws that they need a partner to compensate for, so if you’ve caught a Snake’s eye, consider yourself lucky; she doesn’t really need you, so she must enjoy your company quite a bit!

The one mistake you can make that will ruin things with a Snake is infidelity. Snakes are jealous and possessive in relationships. Fortunately for you, Snakes are incredibly passionate lovers, which may help you tame your tendency towards a roaming eye. A Snake doesn’t care how far you wander, as long as you don’t betray her while you’re out. Keep this in mind and the Snake you love may just keep you around for a long time.

Both of these Chinese zodiac signs are bright and rational and yet they just can’t seem to play well with each other. For the horse and snake love compatibility to work, even in the short-term, both parties would have to go against their natures and show some serious lack of selfish attitudes.

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