Horse Man Tiger Woman

When this pairing consists of a Horse man and a Tiger woman, they may be too loose with their finances. They do love their carefree life, but it is understood that either one can walk away whenever they feel like it. They both love adventure. They share many of the same characteristics and are not likely to become jealous of the other. These happy people have a zest for life that is seldom matched. They share a terrific sense of humor.

Chinese Horse and Tiger are a great match. They have a great respect for each other and their way of life. Tiger appreciates Horse’s ability to enjoy the moment and that Horse also wants freedom. Horse enjoys Tiger’s unpredictability and independence. The few issues that may arise may be caused by Tiger’s dominance of the relationship which may frustrate Horse. Horse is more analytical, which may cause problems for Tiger, who wants to make snap decisions. If either feels trapped in the relationship, either may flee for their lives.

Horse Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

The pairing of the two Chinese zodiac signs horse and tiger is quite favorable. They will undoubtedly have a contented relationship. The horse tiger compatibility can help form an easy connection, no matter the kind of relationship, whether it be friendly, romantic, or business related.

Some will see the tiger as the ruler in this relationship. It is true that those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the tiger are assertive and command situations with their daring nature. However, those born under the Chinese astrology sign of the horse are known to be lively and self-sufficient and are not just other followers. The brilliant thing about the horse and tiger compatibility is that they have very complementary objectives and concerns so neither partner has to lead the other.

The male Horse and the female Tiger are two intensely physical Signs, and will share the same penchant for strenuous activity, as long as it’s the fun kind and not the work kind. They will resemble two children at play, and both may be surprised to find that one day they will wake up in love with each other. Whether these two can stay that way depends upon the amount of emotional interplay these two.

If they can develop a more mature appreciation of what a relationship stands for, as opposed to treating it as a convenient carnival for amusement purposes only, then it could prove to have lasting benefits. If not, then each may learn something for when they finally do grow up. A constant sense of fun may wind up being its only reward.

Horse Man and Tiger Woman Love

If a Tiger has caught your eye, it is no surprise. Tigers are magnetic. When one walks into the room, you can’t keep your eyes off of her. She shares your energy, but keeps hers tightly inside, coiled and ready to spring. You likely love your Tiger’s rebelliousness and ability to tackle anything, no matter how difficult. Tigers are supremely confident. No matter what they take on, they do it with intensity. Tigers do not give up, even if they are fighting against all of society for what they know is right.

If a Tiger is hurt or wounded it is game over for a time. She needs to be fussed over and receive a good deal of support and sympathy. The partner of a Tiger must be intuitive; most of the time she wants to take the lead, but you need to know when she suddenly needs to your take over and take care of her. Tigers are attracted to emotional drama, and it seems to find them no matter what. You do not want to mess with someone a Tiger loves.

As a Horse, you are quite compatible with a Tiger. You both have an endless supply of energy, and will have many adventures together. You will be fiery and passionate in the bedroom-no Tiger ever lacks in that area! You are emotionally sensitive enough to know when a Tiger needs love and support, and if you are willing to step back from the spotlight a little to give that support, your Tiger will appreciate it very much. Tigers will enjoy all the adventures you have; it will be quite attractive to them.

A Tiger should be passionate enough to keep your wandering eye under control, but you must be careful to never, ever stray. Tigers are overwhelmingly jealous, and if you do cheat on a Tiger, you had better move out of the state, if not the country. Your relationship is not likely to recover from infidelity, but if you keep that under control, you can have a very happy life with a Tiger.

The horse-tiger soulmates are both typically looking and moving in the same direction. They both have a collective desire for independence but it works very well for them. Maintaining their self-sufficiency means their connection doesn’t grow stale, but stays original and unregulated for both.

In the horse-tiger marriage, they usually share an identical outlook and so their goals are very much aligned. They each have a tremendous sense of humor and will have quite a bit of consideration for each other and their style. The marriage compatibility between these two can result in great intimacy. These two Chinese zodiac signs coming together promises an intriguing union together.

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