Dog Man Jealous

A Dog man is distinguished by loyalty and devotion, the purpose of his life is a strong family. Women show an increased interest in a pleasant interlocutor, but only a few people can win his heart. Externally confident man often doubts himself, so avoiding communication with overly active ladies. The dog is attracted by modest, serious women, capable of selflessly caring for the family hearth and partner. His girlfriend should inspire calmness and trust, her dignity - honesty, sincerity.

Dog jealousy is a defensive reaction. The representative of this sign is extremely afraid of betrayal, constantly worried about his future. A man believes his beloved too much, he is determined to have a long and strong relationship. The betrayal of a partner can deprive him of his strength, he instantly loses faith in people, falls into a protracted depression. Perhaps a man will find the strength to forgive an unfaithful woman, but cease to trust her, the joint life will be gray and dreary.

How to Make a Dog Man Jealous?

Each representative of the most faithful and loyal sign of the Chinese horoscope expresses emotions in its own way, because temperament depends on the elements of the birth year. To evoke jealousy of the Earth Dog can the womanโ€™s defiant behavior, too bright makeup and vulgar outfit. A man prefers to lead a quiet, peaceful life, a companion must meet his requirements. The girlfriend will be surrounded with love and care, she does not need to look for attention on the side.

Water Dog differs indecisiveness, easily falls into depression. The man of this sign needs the guidance of a wise woman. The support and care of a loving partner will allow him to forget about eternal concern. In a fit of jealousy can commit too impulsive acts, but will not break off relations. Wood Dog is a reliable partner, will never leave his chosen one. Practical and hardworking man is too busy caring about the welfare of the family, he has no time to be jealous of his wife.

Fire Dog differs explosive temperament, it too idealizes the partner, therefore it is strongly disappointed. In the heat of jealousy, a man does not restrain his emotions, only a wise and cautious woman can pacify his anger. Metal Dog has an enviable confidence in their abilities. The representative of the sign knows what he wants and does not deviate from the goal. The beloved must completely belong to him, any changes in the ideal picture of the family can lead the Metal Dog to frenzy. Most likely, the parting with the girlfriend will follow.

How to Deal with a Dog Man Jealous?

Get rid of the jealousy of a Dog male is very simple. The man of this sign does not need wealth and fame, he is only interested in love and care. He is very dependent on the views of his beloved woman, even a kind word can inspire feats for the sake of the family. It is necessary to praise the Dog as often as possible, to surprise with pleasant trifles. The man of this sign is not indifferent to food, why not pamper him with a delicious pie?

Jealousy can push a man born in the year of the Dog to reciprocal revenge. He easily twists the novel with one of his female fans, it is better not to cause in him wrath and anger. Itโ€™s so easy to please a jealous Dog man, you just have to show your love. The representative of this sign does not tolerate noisy companies, you can invite him to the cinema or arrange a date in a quiet cafe.

Male Dog is a great worker, strives to achieve a stable financial situation. A favorite girl should constantly be interested in his affairs, even better, when the couple are working on a common cause. A man will not become jealous of his partner, because he sees her diligence and desire for general welfare.

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