Dragon Man Jealous

A man born in the year of the Dragon is the cherished dream of many women. This is a real knight, able to protect the lady of his heart. The representative of the sign strives for an ideal relationship in which, of course, the main role belongs to him. He is not interested in a quiet woman, he chooses only the most spectacular beauties in the companion of life. In this case, the favorite girlfriend should treat him with admiration, without noticing the other men around.

Jealousy of the Dragon is shown quite temperamentally. A man tries to control himself, but any thought of treason gives him suffering. He considers himself an ideal partner, does not recognize competition at all. A noble man will not descend to assault. The dragon can humiliate with one biting word, he likes intellectual rivalry. He will emerge victorious from an awkward situation, forever leaving a traitor in the past.

How to Make a Dragon Man Jealous?

To cause jealousy of the Dragon is very easy, because a man has a proud temper. The character of the luckiest sign of the Chinese horoscope is influenced by the elements of the birth year. Metal Dragon is characterized by quick temper and impatience. He will not allow betrayal and treason. At the same time, he will not abruptly end the relationship, he will prefer to torment the infidel. In intrigue and cunning, he has no equal, it is better not to give cause for jealousy.

Wood Dragon is an excellent interlocutor, able to conquer the heart of a woman with exquisite compliments. Creatively gifted man delicately feels the mood of his partner, he will try to understand her motives. Most likely, forgive a minor misconduct. Water Dragon is the soul of the company. Sociable and cheerful man has a rather mild character. He seeks a strong marriage, willing to sacrifice much for his own purpose. He will try to establish relations with the partner and find out her real relationship and motives, even if he doubts in her loyalty.

Fire Dragon - an ambitious man, strives for leadership in all spheres of life. Does not allow rivalry, without hesitation, will break off relations with the unfaithful woman. Earth Dragon has inner strength, it is able to withstand lifeโ€™s difficulties. He tries to protect the family from any shocks, counts on reciprocal care. It is hard for a woman to be unfaithful, prefers to associate life with a reliable partner, although sometimes he dreams of romantic adventures.

How to Deal with a Dragon Man Jealous?

The Dragon gentleman is a real gift, capable of coloring the beloved life with bright colors. A reliable, noble man requires only love and care. For the sake of the chosen one is ready for the most decisive actions. In return, waiting for admiration, he gives pleasure to hear compliments in his address. The best gift is the recognition of his services, affectionate words can inspire him to any feats and insanities.

The man of this sign is passionately looking for adventure. A woman must constantly surprise him, make his heart beat more often. It is necessary to arrange surprises, the Dragon with pleasure will pick up the most insane idea. You can go to an exotic country or jump with a parachute. The representative of this sign needs bright, exciting emotions, otherwise he will start to plague the woman with his bad mood and suspicions.

The Dragon seeks to reach heights in his profession, his plans include a successful career. A woman can help him, maintain ambitious intentions. In no case should one praise in his presence a more successful colleague. The man of this sign is extremely jealous of other peopleโ€™s successes, he should always be in the first place, especially in the eyes of his woman.

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