Horse Man Jealous

The Horse man attracts women with his inner strength. It feels the ability to protect loved ones from all misfortunes of life. Undoubted leader by nature does not tolerate rivalry, he must be a recognized authority for his girl. Does not allow even the thought of betrayal, strives for a strong relationship in which he can fully trust his beloved woman.

The Horse is a passionate nature, jealousy pushes him into impulsive actions. If he suspects a partner of treason, he will not rest until he finds out the whole truth. Usually a calm person loses control immediately, he can arrange a fight with an opponent. A traitor in his understanding deserves only contempt. Temperamental man will not forgive his girlfriend, as too hard to bear lies and deception.

How to Make a Horse Man Jealous?

To cause jealousy of the Horse can do anything: flirtation, compliments of men, vulgar behavior. The influence of a proud animal largely determines the behavior of a man, like the element of the year of birth. Metal Horse is an ambitious kind, does not consider it necessary to take into account the opinion of your partner. Absolutely does not accept defiant behavior, prefers to see beside him a calm, faithful woman.

Wood Horse overestimates his remarkable personality, so itโ€™s easy to break off the relationship. All his life he runs after his dreams, trying to find the perfect companion of life. Water Horse - a reliable companion, will do everything possible for his close people. Distinguished by excellent qualities: honesty, integrity, diligence. He leads a fairly active life, from a beloved girl requires submission, he is the leader in the family, this is not discussed.

Fire Horse - passionate nature, extremely unrestrained in its manifestations. The representative of the fiery element does not tolerate peace and tranquility, strives to fill life with bright events. The partner should correspond to his ideas, willingly accept the rules of the game he has established. Otherwise - you can wait for immediate separation. Earth Horse cherishes his family. The man of this sign tries to keep the relationship, he always and in every way supports his beloved woman. Even treason is not capable of destroying a strong marriage, to which the Earth Horse aspires.

How to Deal with a Horse Man Jealous?

A man-horse attracts exceptionally bright, spectacular women. At the same time, he must be sure of the fidelity of his partner, so the companion of life must be close and support him. It is necessary to constantly reiterate its exclusivity, preferably in the presence of strangers. The representative of this sign loves flattery and compliments in his address, does not tolerate remarks at all. The wounded man will immediately go to seek solace in the arms of a devoted fan.

A Horse male leads an active life, strives for diversity and change. He needs to be in motion. A favorite girl should constantly surprise him. The representative of this sign will readily accept the idea to immediately go on a round-the-world trip or to a country resort, if there is not enough money. The main thing is a change in the situation.

Scrupulous Horse man carefully follows his wardrobe, tries to look stylish and flawless. He pays too much time for work, does not always have time to buy a fashion novelty. The partner will please him if he gives you a shirt with a tie or a sweater from the latest collection of your favorite designer. The Horse can not resist such a sign of attention, if the lady so anxiously cares about him, then she loves him. What kind of jealousy can we talk about?

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