Monkey Man Jealous

The Monkey man is able to achieve success in all spheres of life. A woman who provoked the interest of a representative of this intellectual sign, will not be able to resist his courtship. A determined man will certainly achieve his goal, even if one has to resort to deception and cunning. He can build strong relationships, from the girlfriend it takes quite a bit - love.

The Monkeyโ€™s jealousy shows not the best qualities of his character: insidiousness, vindictiveness. At the same time, a man tries not to complicate his life with negative emotions, he prefers easy, carefree relations. A quiet woman is not able to interest an energetic representative of the sign. Too self-confident person, aimed at a career, can not inspire him to romantic eccentricities. His choice is a cheerful, charming person.

How to Make a Monkey Man Jealous?

Representatives of this sign can not be called crazy jealous. The temperament of a man essentially depends on the elements of the year of birth. Earth Monkey differs calm confidence in their abilities, strives for a harmonious relationship. A man is always ready for dialogue, trying to keep a marriage. Jealousy is not capable of knocking him out of the rut. Wood Monkey - a noble nature, will not go down to scandals and intrigues. A man can restrain his emotions, however, the chosen one must win his forgiveness with complaisant behavior.

Metal Monkey is morbidly jealous of his girlfriend to everything in the world. The man of this sign is afraid to disappoint the companion of life, therefore he tries carefully to hide inner feelings. Behind external recklessness it is very difficult to discern a vulnerable nature. Jealousy pushes him to revenge, he can not forgive betrayal. Even if the relationship can be maintained, the Monkey will never forget the offense.

Water Monkey is a sociable, energetic nature. It strives to make a favorable impression, therefore carefully conceals the internal uncertainty. A man of this sign will try to turn an embarrassing moment into a joke, try to avoid a complete break in relations. Opposite behavior is typical of the Fire Monkey. The representative of the fiery element is a bright leader, he always strives for the dominant position. He will not tolerate betrayal, jealousy awakens in him the worst quality - cruelty. He will try to take revenge on the traitor, leave her without regret, begging his forgiveness is almost impossible.

How to Deal with a Monkey Man Jealous?

To get rid of the Monkeyโ€™s jealousy will help calmness and patience. Do not pay attention to the bad mood and nit-picking from your guy, the more it happens very rarely, because the man of this sign loves life. A cheerful companion, ready for any adventure, will never get bored with Monkeys. You can go on an unplanned trip or spend an interesting time in the park. Positive emotions will distract a man from jealousy.

The Monkey man loves household women, will never be happy with a careerist who disappears at work, her constant absence is a reason for jealousy. He needs care, the chosen one should create a cozy atmosphere in the house, where everything is subordinated to his interests. It is possible to equip a convenient office, in which it is so pleasant to work or indulge in dreams.

The Monkey man enjoys the love and respect of native people and his family. A wonderful narrator is able to make friends laugh, to enthrall them with his insane ideas. The representative of the sign can not lead a closed life at all. The chosen one will please his beloved if he organizes a merry party for him, because he is always glad of a noisy company.

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