Ox Man Jealous

The Ox man invariably provokes interest among motivated women, who are inclined towards a serious relationship. Too practical man, will not waste time on all sorts of nonsense: romantic dates, compliments, gifts. He is aimed at creating a strong family. Quiet man does not attract too windy person. Senseless, cheerful chirping drives him crazy, the Ox’s ideal is a quiet and silent, but strong and reliable partner.

The man of this sign has a sense of dignity, he will never forgive betrayal. Emotion is fairly sparse, but violent. In a quiet metallic voice, he will express all that he thinks. At the same time, his gaze will express the entire spectrum of feelings: anger, contempt, disappointment. Displeasure of a balanced man can cause too vulgar behavior of the chosen one, because he does not differ suspiciousness and suspicion. The desire to preserve a marriage can not stop him from taking a decisive step, betrayal invariably leads to parting.

How to Make an Ox Man Jealous?

Restrained man hardly expresses his feelings, so the manifestation of jealousy indicates the insane love of the Ox. The temperament of this sign largely depends on the elements of the year of birth. The Fire Ox has an irascible temper, does not take criticism in his address. An extremely impatient man is not distinguished by his soulfulness and gentleness. He absolutely does not care about the fragile inner world of the partner. Thoughts express too straightforward: treason is parting.

The Water Ox is a gentle, loyal partner. He loves his wife and children, and seeks to create comfortable living conditions for them. Usually he holds leadership positions, gives too much energy to work. The quietest of men born in the year of the Ox, does not represent life without a family. The absolute opposite is the Wood Ox. A clever, calculating man has a strong character. He loves and appreciates his family, but he will never forgive betrayal. He does not tolerate objections, everyone must obey his will.

Earth Ox differs calm temperament. An industrious man is completely immersed in work, trying to reach absolute heights in his career. He prefers not to harass himself with trifles, though he will not forgive the frank flirting of darling girlfriend. Metal Ox adheres to conservative views, in his understanding of marriage - a strong alliance for life. With enviable persistence will defend the interests of the close environment to the end. Will try to smooth an awkward moment for the sake of preserving the family.

How to Deal with an Ox Man Jealous?

The Ox prefers to lead a quiet life, his beloved wife should create comfortable conditions for him. Perhaps not every woman dreams of a quiet family nest, but such is the price for peaceful coexistence with a man of this sign. He will appreciate the efforts of a woman: a clean house, a delicious dinner, well-groomed children. In this case, there is not even a reason for jealousy.

The representative of the sign has an acute mind, he likes to spend time reading. A woman should share his hobbies, joint pastime is the best way to strengthen relations. Why not give him a rare edition? The Ox will gladly spend the evening discussing the book, he is flattered by the sincere interest of the partner.

The Ox is a wonderful husband and father, he will not become jealous of his woman if she spends all her free time with her family. You can organize a joint holiday in nature. The Ox will visit the amusement park, ride on attractions with pleasure - a wonderful occasion to remember childhood. He does not need noisy companies, he is quite satisfied with the company of the closest people.

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