Pig Man Jealous

A Pig male are very popular among women. The representative of this sign is distinguished by masculinity, he is able to protect his chosen one from all the misfortunes of life. At the same time he has excellent manners, always a polite and tactful man easily finds language with people around him. The good appearance of the Pig man should not be misleading, for calm equanimity hides a volcano of passions.

Jealousy of the wild Pig is quite stormy. Soft in ordinary life, a man will not tolerate treason. He likes to be in the company of beautiful ladies, and often abuses female attention. At the same time, he absolutely does not accept coquetry of his partner. A man will not intrigue, he knows how to clearly state his position. A girlfriend must meet high standards, in his view the wife is the keeper of the hearth, and not the fatal temptress. A woman who has managed to adopt the rules of the game will enjoy the Pig society all her life.

How to Make a Pig Man Jealous?

Jealousy Pig can cause any careless action. The behavior of this sign man largely depends on the elements of the year of birth. Earth Pig will not pick up words, tactfully hint at their discontent. A girlfriend should appreciate his care and attention, the more he really over-takes care of his partner. In response, he requires only love and faithfulness, which means that there is no flirting on the side.

Water Pig idealizes his partner too much, reverent to her whims and desires. He prefers not to conflict, but to engage in constructive dialogue. Treason is going through too deeply, but will not humble himself until the loud clarification of the relationship, his weapon is an exquisite revenge. Wood Pig has a similar behavior, a timid nature is unduly susceptible to painful doubts. Feels fear of any changes in life, tries to keep the marriage in all available ways.

Fire Pig is the most temperamental representative of the sign. In the period of courtship is capable of vivid deeds, although in parting he manifests himself no less energetically. Any sign of a partnerโ€™s attention to an outsider does not escape his attention, a loud scandal is guaranteed. Metal Pig is sensible, not inclined to dreams and fantasies. For him, the calm state of the soul is especially important, he does not try to seem better than he is. From her chosen one she demands honesty and sincerity, will not tolerate treachery, she will prefer to part.

How to Deal with a Pig Man Jealous?

To get rid of the jealousy of a Pig man and deal with his possessiveness only a smart and sensible woman can. Excessive impulsiveness is a bad adviser in love, a girlfriend should show wisdom and patience. The man of this sign refers to his chosen one with trepidation and tenderness, in return he waits for understanding. It is necessary to constantly be with him, show sincere interest in his affairs.

A man born in the year of the Pig has an excellent taste, it is easy to please him with a gift. The representative of the sign strives to surround himself with beautiful things, he works a lot, so he is able to provide a decent life for his family. You can give him a stylish shirt or a set of tools. Hard-working man likes to make, his house is always in immaculate condition.

The representative of this sign has a great appetite, he likes to eat deliciously. Woman certainly lift his spirits if prepare an excellent dinner of five dishes. If the girlfriend does not differ in culinary talents, she can arrange a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant. For the male Pig any signs of attention are pleasant.

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