Rabbit Man Jealous

Rabbit man is a charming nature. Women like to be in the company of this wonderful guy. Always tactful and gallant chevalier with easy care of careless girls. The representative of this cautious sign has a calm character, he neatly treads on life, preferring to bypass obstacles. He tries not to conflict even on a serious matter. Rabbit is too smart and cautious to darken his life with negative emotions.

Jealousy Rabbit manifests extremely calmly, he is confident in his abilities. He is not interested in too shy a person. He loves beautiful, spectacular women, with pleasure he care for them, showering compliments and gifts. She can afford to indulge her, because he rarely experiences financial difficulties. A man in love is too blinded by his partner, he does not have time and desire to find flaws in her.

How to Make a Rabbit Man Jealous?

The man of this sign behaves gallantly even in an embarrassing situation, his behavior is largely determined by the elements of the year of birth. Water Rabbit is characterized by beautiful manners. Too cunning and cunning representative of the water element will be able to hide his true feelings. Will try harder to tie the partner with care and attention, as if not noticing her flirting and coquetry with other men. This does not mean that he will forgive and forget everything, if necessary, with pleasure, will remind the chosen one of all her sins.

Wood Rabbit is easy-tempered, loves womenโ€™s attention, in public often tries to seem better than they are. Despite the soft nature, he is capable of decisive actions. He would never forgive a traitor, because she insulted his best feelings, put him in an awkward position. The Fire Rabbit is an incredibly energetic person. He tries to achieve success in a loving relationship, his companion should be the most beautiful and intelligent woman in the world. He is not ready to share his partner with anyone, can resort to any means: intrigues, cunning, lies, deception.

Metal Rabbit is careful and prudent. He tries to calculate all possible variants of the development of events. In the life partner chooses a reliable and responsible woman with whom he can build a strong relationship. Earth Rabbit tries not to show true feelings. A discerning man easily unravels the secrets of his beloved, but is too clever to show his intentions. Do not break off the relationship, because he does not like sudden changes, trying to lead a quiet, peaceful life.

How to Deal with a Rabbit Man Jealous?

Get rid of the jealousy of Rabbit is very simple. The representative of this sign strives for a comfortable life. A successful and wealthy man works too much to waste time on unreasonable suspicions. It is enough love and caring woman, he would not seek out shortcomings in the behavior of his girlfriend.

Rabbit - an esthete, loves everything beautiful. A man of this sign will never forgive a woman her slovenly appearance. His beloved must show great taste, if she does not cope, then Rabbit will buy her clothes himself. A disregard for his efforts can cause anger and alienation. He is extremely jealous of how a woman values his care and attention.

Residence Rabbit is a cozy nest, often he himself participates in the repair of the premises. The man of this sign will appreciate the girlโ€™s desire to decorate the apartment. You can give any piece of furniture, the main thing is that it was a work of art, not a mass production product. Best to equip him with a cozy office, Rabbit will be happy.

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