Rat Man Jealous

Rat man is quite prudent nature. The representative of this sign will necessarily choose a career and financial well-being, not paying attention to the interests of his beloved. Quietly displays emotions, too practical man is not capable of crazy romantic acts. At the same time, the emotional coldness provokes the frenzied interest of women who try to unravel the mystery of obscure soul of the Rat.

The jealousy of the Rat is very calm, he is not bothered by emotional experiences. Although, most likely, he only tries to convince himself of this. In the depths of the soul, the Rat is an extremely insecure man, but carefully conceals this fact. Will try not to pay attention to partner flirting, but for a long time will be harassing her with cavils. Requires obedience in everything, expects from the guilty woman of unquestioning obedience and complete repentance.

How to Make a Rat Man Jealous?

Disregarding the behavior of the partner can cause a feeling of jealousy of the Rat. The man of this sign is acutely experiencing public humiliation. The degree of expression of a destructive feeling depends on the elements of the year of birth. Fire Rat has a high nervousness, trying to excel in all spheres of life at the same time. Strongly experiencing failure, so few people share their plans. In the companionship of life, he chooses a reliable woman who will not distract him from important affairs. He does not consider it necessary to waste time on groundless jealousy.

Metal Rat has a solid character, it is notable for ambition. An attractive man is always in the center of female attention. A beloved girl must subordinate her life to the interests of a representative of the metal element. He will not tolerate humiliation, he will try as hard as possible to take revenge on the traitor. Earth Rat has a strong will, will not deviate from the intended path. He prefers a society of intelligent, reserved women, capable of sharing his hobbies. Needs a quiet family life without surprises.

The Water Rat has a strong intuition. Natural flair allows a man of this element to avoid unpleasant situations. His life is beautiful, does not carry negative emotions, because the partner faithfully protects their relationship. Wood Rat is committed to a strong family alliance. He tries to restrain his emotions, prefers to devote more time to work. Can close his eyes to the minor offenses of his wife, but nothing more. Do not forget about extreme resentment and malevolence of the elements of the Wood.

How to Deal with a Rat Man Jealous?

Get rid of this fascinating zodiac sign jealousy is very simple, very effective weapon - flattery. A man loves to listen to compliments in his address, because he is worthy of the highest praise. In this case, especially appreciates smart women who have a wide vocabulary. He is flattered by the attention of an intellectual person, who knows how to maintain a conversation in beautifully and ease manner.

A Rat is a mean man, he does not like to spend money on luxury gifts. Almost does not make impulsive purchases, while highly appreciates the attentive attitude of the partner. You can arrange for yourself a representative of this sign with an expensive gift. He will not condemn the excessive spending of the darling, unless they, of course, affect the overall budget.

A man born in the year of the Rat is a passionate nature, though he tries to restrain his feelings. Only a sincerely devoted partner can fully open up. A beloved woman will certainly please her chosen one, if he is satisfied with a romantic evening by candlelight. The Rat can not resist the passionate pressure of the partner, in his heart there will be no room for jealousy and suspicion.

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