Rooster Man Jealous

Rooster male is able to charm a woman from the first minutes of dating. The representative of this sign has an attractive appearance, carefully monitors his wardrobe. An energetic man will find a way to achieve reciprocal feelings. He would never give up his plans, unless, of course, he changed his mind. Unfortunately, the Rooster is not distinguished by the constancy: mad love is instantly replaced by indifference.

Jealousy of the Rooster is shown quite emotionally. The patronage of the animal influences the character of a man, endows him with qualities: impatience, quick temper. Despite his light-headedness, he demands absolute honesty from his partner. Without hesitation, he would leave his mistress if she was seen even in easy flirtation with another man. Life is an exciting adventure, there are still many interesting things ahead.

How to Make a Rooster Man Jealous?

Jealousy of the Rooster is very easy to provoke, but it will manifest itself in different ways. The element of the year of birth greatly influences the character and temperament of this proud man. The Fire Rooster is the brightest representative of the sign, possessing all the characteristic features: quick temper, egoism, determination. He demands complete submission, only a quiet, calm woman will get along with him. He needs understanding and support, the chosen one should admire him endlessly. To break can lead not even the real betrayal of a partner, but only the suspicion of a jealous person.

Earth Rooster is characterized by calm disposition. A smart, shrewd man does not seek to prove his own exclusivity. Is able to create a strong alliance, will not sharply break off relations to please his whims and suspicions. His choice is a reliable partner, so the torments of jealousy are bypassed. Water Rooster is too conservative, with difficulty gets used to new life circumstances. The vulnerable nature does not feel pleasure from scandals, will try to forgive his girlfriend.

Wood Rooster is too concerned about his reputation, will not tolerate deception. Frank attire, vulgar behavior is the right way to evoke his jealousy. A grieving man will not forgive his partner, preferring to break off relations. The Metal Rooster is distinguished by an easy, sociable temper. He is always in the spotlight, fans do not give him a pass. The representative of this sign aspires to leadership in relations, therefore the woman should recognize its superiority. Otherwise, he will find her a replacement, not paying attention to tearful persuasions.

How to Deal with a Rooster Man Jealous?

A rooster is a bright, temperamental person, in fact, a moody child, demanding constant attention. Getting rid of the jealousy of a man is quite easy. The representative of this sign is happy with any gifts, you can give him a new jumper or a good razor. Rooster adores to watch his appearance, he should always look perfect.

The representative of this sign is a conqueror, he likes the process of courtship. A man in love is able to commit insane acts. He easily spends huge sums on luxurious bouquets and exquisite jewelry. However, do not show your indifference for too long, it is better to show a reciprocal interest. You can prepare a surprise - a romantic date in an unfamiliar place.

The man of this sign will forget about jealousy, if he is convinced of the sincere devotion of the partner. It is necessary always and everywhere to praise the Rooster, to emphasize its exclusiveness. A woman should surround him with attention, create comfortable living conditions. Too energetic man needs peace and quiet, he needs at least occasionally to rest from an ebullient activity.

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